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   Chapter 156 Bonnie's First Love

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8357

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Terence took her to a relatively remote club.

At first, Carla had no idea what he was up to. The spot they were in was secluded but had a great view. So Carla began to work out what it was all about.

Soon, Bonnie appeared.

Apparently, Bonnie was waiting for someone. She took her mirror out to fix her make-up and looked around anxiously.

"Are you sure she's not waiting for you?" Carla whispered, looking at Terence.

Who could she be waiting for if not her fiance Terence?

"Just wait and see," replied Terence. He put his arm around her waist and asked her to be patient.

Soon, a man appeared. Carla's eyes glittered at the sight of this handsome man.

Terence leaned into her ear and whispered, "Do you know what a refined rascal is? You'll see later."

Carla was impressed with the image of the man that had come to meet with Bonnie. But the thoughts were immediately snuffed out after what Terence had said.

Seeing him coming, Bonnie seemed nervous and said, "You're here."

He was tall and lean and dressed in smart clothes. As he approached Bonnie he looked at her from head to toe and said with a smile, "Bonnie, it's been a long time. You haven't changed a bit. You look exactly the same as when we were in college."

It's hard to forget one's first love.

People would sometimes find themselves reminiscing of the years of their youth.

Bonnie, looked at the tall, handsome man standing in front of her in a trance. Seeing him again, the memories flooded her with nostalgia.

"Please have a seat," said Bonnie as she heaved out a deep breath. She gazed at him across the table. "Yves, we haven't seen each other for almost seven years, right?"

Yves nodded. There was a hint of maturity and wisdom on his young face. Other than that, he was exactly the same Yves, that she had fallen in love with all those years ago.

"Yes, I've been abroad for years and seldom come home. I barely have any contact with any of my former classmates," said Yves while he called the waiter over to order a bottle of red wine and several western-style dishes.

Hiding in the corner, Carla watched the two and then looked back at Terence and asked in a low voice, "She is your fiancee. Do you feel jealous that she's meeting another man?"

Terence raised an eyebrow at her and pinched her nose jokingly.

"Unless the woman sitting there is you, I'm not jealous of anybody," replied Terence.

Then, he lightly flicked her on the forehead, feeling annoyed at her que

Carla, biting her lip.

Although Carla couldn't really bring herself to forgive Bonnie for what she had done, she actually understood why she did it.

Terence was her fiancee, but he was having a relationship with Carla. So Bonnie acted out of jealousy and did the wrong thing. It was understandable.

She was also a victim.

Terence's angry glare pierced through her like a sharp dagger. He grabbed her hand and squeezed tight and said, "What did you mean? That I'm wrong? That I went too far?

The engagement was just her long-planned conspiracy. I've sacrificed a lot by agreeing to it. But she puts you and Sean in harm's way time and time again.

And you think that I went too far? Carla, what are you thinking? I am doing all of this for you!"

Terence was truly peeved. He let go of her hand.

He thought that Carla was a reasonable woman and understood all of his efforts. But now it seemed that she didn't.

He had done so much for her and yet she could say something like that. Her words had cut him to the bone.

Carla lowered her head and said nothing. She squeezed her fists so tight that her fingernails made a deep dent into the flesh of her palms.

"Carla, you know that I love you. But that doesn't mean that you can always doubt me and treat me like that," said Terence with a bitter smile. He was heartbroken. He opened himself up to her and always told her the truth about how he felt.

But she never really accepted him.

"Since you're not in the mood, you should go home. I'll get the chauffeur to take you back,"

said Terence frowning at her. Then he stood up and strode out the door without looking back at her.

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