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   Chapter 154 Carla's Worry

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7827

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Carla asked him because she thought that affection came fast and went fast.

Even couples that had been married for years couldn't guarantee that their marriage would last a lifetime, let alone the love she and Terence had. How long could it last?

"Why are you asking me a question like that all of a sudden? Tell me, are you worrying about something brought on by your own imagination again?"

Terence lowered his head so he could look her in the eyes and smiled. He tapped her nose affectionately.

"Carla, I think verbal promises don't mean anything in a relationship. They only sound beautiful. I prefer to prove my affection to you with action. I'll show you how long I will like you for."

Carla leaned against him and looked out at the vast sea. She then said, "But I would like to hear the beautiful words from you now. Say them to me, please."

Terence put his arm around her shoulders as he looked out into the distance. He sighed, "Carla, I don't know what I did to have made you doubt my feelings for you.

Anyone who knows me would know that I don't make a promise so easily. You are indeed the first girl that I have fallen head over heels for and spent so much time and effort to pursue. You will also be the last. If I could, I would show you my heart."

Terence then turned to look her in the eyes. "One more thing. My feelings for you are not that of 'like'. It's love.

I love you, Carla Ji! And the next time you want to ask that question again, do remember to ask me how long I will love you for, won't you?"

He lifted her chin and gently ran his thumb across her lips.

Carla's eyes were full of tears because of the heartfelt confession that he made. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Terence, I know the road ahead of us will be very difficult. But I will try my best to put my full trust in you and overcome the challenges with you, hand in hand. So please, don't ever break my trust, okay?"

What she heard today from the man on the computer rocked her very foundation of trust.

But she still chose to believe Terence, because the words didn't come from his mouth. She refused to allow someone else's random words change her mind.

"Of course! Your trust is so precious to me. How could I possibly break it?" Terence smiled and kissed her tenderly. Then he helped her up,

e grief that she felt. Her whole world just shattered before her very eyes. His words played over in her mind.

"I will marry the daughter of the Hua family without any doubt."

If he was already planning on marrying Bonnie all along, then what was Carla to him? An interim?

Terence had said that she was the first one he fell head over heels for and that he loved her.

However, no matter how much he loved her, he was still going to give her up, because he was obliged to marry the daughter of the Hua family.

If that was the case, then Terence didn't lie to her at all. He did love her from the heart, but he didn't have a say in their future.

The thought of this possibility made Carla feel a little better, even though she was still deeply hurt because of their doomed future.

Carla stood up and washed away her tears. She took a deep breath. 'It's just a relationship. At least I also gain happiness and love in it, right?' she comforted herself.

Terence treated Bonnie coldly because of his love for Carla. She also heard from Rainer that Terence might cancel his engagement to Bonnie because of the kidnapping.

She couldn't help but worry for Terence. How could he manage to fix and strengthen the relationship with the Hua family, if he provoked them with something like that?

While she was thinking and calming herself down in the bathroom, she didn't realize that she had been in there for a while. There was a knock on the door all of a sudden.

"Carla? You haven't finished showering? Are you all right?" Terence asked.

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