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   Chapter 152 Carla, Help Me

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9656

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Even Carla was surprised at Terence's efficiency. It just took him an hour and

she saw Bonnie leave the Seaview Villa in a hurry.

As for the reason behind why she left in such a hurry, well, it could be anyone's guess. But whatever the reason was, Terence had obviously been very persuasive about it.

After Terence made sure that Bonnie had left the villa, he couldn't wait to go to Carla's bedroom.

"Carla, let's spend the night here in your room. My bedroom is currently undergoing an extra thorough cleaning,"

said Terence. Bonnie had laid in his bed and been in his bedroom. Terence was afraid that Carla would mind. So he ordered the servants to change the bed sheets and wash the carpet. And decontaminate the whole bedroom thoroughly. So while they were doing that, he thought it was best to stay in her bedroom with her.

Terence held her in his arms while he buried his head into her neck and began to kiss her hungrily.

"Well, Terence, I'm sorry that—" Carla murmured, pushing Terence slightly away.

Terence frowned as he looked at her. "Carla, have you changed your mind?

Not a chance! It's too late for that!"

He heaved her over his shoulder without giving her a chance to argue with him. Then he walked over to the bed and put her down on it. With one fluid movement, he lifted her top over her head, exposing her milky white breasts. As he kissed her lips, one hand was caressed her breast circling the nipple with his thumb.

"Well, I'm not—" Carla tried to explain again.

But he didn't give her a chance to say anything. Terence was so swept away in the moment of passion. When Carla had opened her mouth to try and tell him again, he put his tongue in her mouth and circled his tongue around hers, exploring her mouth with his tongue. He nibbled and licked her lips with his.

After a while, Terence noticed that Carla wasn't responding and he finally stopped to look at her and asked, "Do you— have your period?"

Carla nodded and blinked up at him. "I tried to tell you, but you didn't give me the chance. I'm supposed to get it in two days. I don't know why I got it earlier. Maybe it's because of all the stress from the last few days, or maybe it's from the drug the gunmen made me drink is to blame."

She didn't notice that she had her period until she went to the bathroom just a few minutes ago.

It was normal for girls to have their period a few days earlier or later.

Terence felt crestfallen. He ran his hands through his thick black hair and breathed in deeply to calm his racing heart. 'Fate has a way of circling back on me. We spent a wonderful night making love last night, and I was looking forward to more tonight. How could she get her period today?' he thought frustrated.

"Could we— still make love when you have your period?" questioned Terence, who was reluctant to accept the bad news.

He was really tu

that she was afraid she might have lost her ability to work once she returned to BH City.

Carla couldn't help pulling open one of the drawers in Terence's desk and rifling through the items inside it. But a moment later, she shut the drawer.

She thought, 'Well, I'd better stop now.

I will feel very embarrassed if I find something that Terence doesn't want anybody to see. In that case, he may get angry at me.'

"Then I think it should be okay to watch a movie,"

murmured Carla as she turned on Terence's computer.

While the computer started up, Carla went to make herself a cup of coffee.

When she returned to the computer, she saw an unread email.

Carla tapped her finger anxiously on the desk. She wanted to click on the email but also knew that it was very inappropriate to do so. But she couldn't fight off the curiosity.

She struggled to resist the temptation.

But in the end, the curiosity got the better of her, and she clicked on it.


Once she had clicked on the email, a password box popped up. She remembered the password to the tablet and quickly typed it in. But she soon found it to be wrong.

'Well, Terence, did you create the password to prevent me from seeing the secrets in your computer?' thought Carla.

She raised her beautiful eyebrows and smiled. "Terence, congratulations! You have successfully aroused my curiosity."

She tried typing in her birth date, but it wasn't correct. Then she tried Terence's, but that wasn't right either. A moment later she wrote down both of their birth dates on a piece of paper and rearranged the numbers. Then tried punching in those numbers.

The computer made a 'ping' sound. She had finally unlocked Terence's computer.

After it was opened Carla burst into laughter. 'Terence, you underestimated me!' she thought.

She then clicked on the email again, and it opened.

"Oh, what's that?" whispered Carla.

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