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   Chapter 151 Terence Is Self-Reflecting

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It was time to have dinner. Carla just had some yogurt and bread. She was still hungry, but she didn't want to have dinner with Bonnie.

Not only Carla but Sean, her little brother, also refused to go downstairs to have dinner with Bonnie after school.

They didn't like Bonnie and didn't want to see her. Instead of having dinner with her, they would rather stay in the bedroom and go hungry.

After a while, Carla knew that Sean was really hungry, so she decided to go out for some food. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

When Carla opened the door, Rainer came in wheeling a serving table full of food. "Miss Carla, Sean, I guess you two must be hungry. Mr. Terence cooked these dishes for you. Come, help yourselves."

Sean breathed in the delicious aroma and his stomach grumbled. "Wow, it's so nice of Terence to cook for us. We haven't enjoyed his delicious cooked meals for a while now. I can't wait to dig in."

Rainer was busy setting the table. He smiled and said, "Mr. Terence learned to cook from Mrs. Dany, his aunt. Mrs. Dany is a great chef and the owner of a five-star restaurant. She has restaurant branches all around the world. Her restaurants serve both Chinese and Western foods, which have gained popularity. Come and eat while it's warm."

"Really? No wonder Terence is a great chef, too! It turns out that he was blessed with the guidance of a great teacher," Sean said as he started eating with chopsticks.

Carla looked at all the food. They were all her favorite dishes and there was a dish of crayfish which was Sean's favorite.

"Does Bonnie stay here now?" Carla asked as she sat down and picked up the chopsticks.

Rainer signed and nodded.

"She has a room on the second floor. Try not to be angry, Miss Carla. Their engagement will be broken off soon. Mr. Terence only cares for you. He won't let you down."

Carla tasted one of the delicacies and asked, "What about Terence? I guess he hasn't had dinner either. Why doesn't he come here to eat with us?"

Rainer smiled. "Well, Mr. Terence is self-reflecting."

"What? Has he done anything wrong?" Carla asked with the chopsticks in her mouth.

Rainer didn't give anything away, instead, he just smiled and said, "Well, if you're curious, please go and see for yourself after dinner."

Carla savored the delicious food. She had it when Terence was living with them in BH City and he would always cook. Carla missed the old days and pondered for a moment about what it used to be like back then.

After dinner, Carla asked Sean to go

was surprised, and proud of her. On one hand, he hoped that she could rely on him and ask him for help anytime she got into trouble. On the other hand, he hoped that she could be more mature and independent so that she could get out of trouble herself.

"Come on! Don't give me that look. You're not my dad,"

Carla complained. Terence looked at her the same way a father would look at his dearest daughter.

She put her arms around his waist and smelt his clean fresh skin and alluring cologne. Then she boldly opened his bathrobe and had a look at his manhood. "You had a shower, right? Did you scrub it well?"

Terence was a little surprised by her brash action. His eyes burned with passion. He would take her on the spot if he could. But he kissed her instead. "Would you like to check it yourself?" he teased after a long passionate kiss.

She smiled and ran her hands down his hard sculptured torso. "All right, we can have some fun tonight. But first, you must deal with the woman in your room.

I don't care if she is your fiancee or not. She is lusting after you. But she will never have you. Keep it in your mind. You are mine!"

Her voice sounded powerful and threatening. Terence stared at her affectionately. "I will speak to her and ask her to leave. I promise. I won't let myself be taken advantage of by any other woman, except for you."

Terence, couldn't be more thrilled at the thought of what they would do tonight.

Last night was the first time for both of them. But Terence was already obsessed with Carla's seduction. He couldn't wait to strip her naked again.

And he would comply with all of her requests unconditionally. He would do everything for her.

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