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   Chapter 150 Bonnie Stayed (Part Two)

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"I'm feeling much better now. It was indeed a really perilous situation, but Terence arrived just in time to save my life. I'm fine now and it's all thanks to him. I'm grateful that you're concerned about me, Miss Bonnie! I really appreciate it,"

Carla politely responded just as well.

Terence's eyes were totally fixated on Carla from the second she came downstairs.

She looked tremendously cute and beautiful wearing that beige dress. The falbala was barely enough to cover her thighs, and

every time she moved, he would catch a glimpse of her delicate legs. They were exceptionally long and alluring that he had to hopelessly control his urge to strip her clothes off.

Letting out a lengthy sigh of relief upon hearing her answer, Bonnie then turned around and looked at Terence.

He had to shift his gaze away from Carla. In the past, he had never really been the kind of man who was fascinated with the concept of sex. But after everything that happened yesterday, he had been having a hard time trying to hold back his impulse to get his hands all over that lush body of Carla every time he saw her.

Who could blame him though? After all, yesterday had actually been his very first time!

"Terence! I've asked you a couple of times before to allow me to stay with Carla here. If only I had been there with her, she would have had someone to talk to and wouldn't have felt so bored and gone out to find something to do. In that situation, there's no chance for her to have been abducted by those gangsters!

In any case, it could have been much, much worse. So, this time you have to listen to what I have to say. After all the horrible things that Carla had been through, we can't just let her stay alone in here any longer. I have to be by her side!"

Bonnie grabbed and shook Terence's arm, trying

e first.

When the time came that Terence found out about all of the things she had done, it would be too late for her and she wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

Bonnie knew without a single doubt that time was ticking on her.

Terence scoffed as he stared at her standing there with quite a resolute face.

"All right, go ahead. Do as you wish. I have plenty of vacant rooms here anyway," he replied flatly.

As soon as Terence left the kitchen, Bonnie could finally breathe much more clearly again. In spite of everything, at the very least, she managed to persuade him to let her stay.

In her heart, she believed there was still some hope left for as long as she could stay close to Terence.

She just couldn't bear to leave Carla and Terence alone to themselves at any cost. There was no telling what could happen if she let them freely live together under that same roof. If Terence got to know her just a little bit more, there was a possibility—no matter how small—that he might also fall for Bonnie. A lot of things were uncertain, but all she could do now was to try to do everything within her power.

At the end of the day, everyone knew that she was still Terence's real fiancée!

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