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   Chapter 149 Bonnie Stayed (Part One)

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Nathan uttered not a single word after saying that.

He just took a wild guess based on the conversation he had with Bryant, nothing but speculations.

This caused Terence to give him a cold stare. Pausing for a brief moment, Terence replied, "You're wrong. It couldn't be Noah. I think it was his two brothers."

Noah wasn't the kind of guy who would be stupid enough to do something like that.

And even if Noah, for some reason, were to really commit a crime, for sure, he would plan it so perfectly that no one would be able to find a trace.

All Bonnie wanted to do was to get Carla as far away from Terence as possible out of her intense jealousy. It was not like she wanted to physically hurt her. But that mysterious person seemed to have truly wished for Carla to die.

"Let's take this one step at a time. The state of affairs with the Hua family is getting rather complicated. So, we have to make sure we do this slowly but surely," Terence remarked, letting out a lengthy sigh. Looking around the room, he noticed that there was a pack of cigarettes just lying on the table. He then reached out his hand to take it since he was beginning to get pretty stressed and uneasy now.

However, the second he grabbed it, he simply decided to put it down immediately.

Knowing full well that Carla didn't like the smell of cigarettes, he didn't want to risk displeasing her when they saw each other again later.

"But we need to put an end to this. I can't take my engagement with Bonnie any longer. I can't bear to watch Carla suffer because of it," Terence said to himself as he repeatedly tapped the table with his fingers, still deep in thought. At least, he should find a way to get rid of other people's notion of him having a fiancee.

If he just let things stay the way they were and continued being with Carla

e. As she was about to go upstairs back to her room, Bonnie stopped her in her tracks and abruptly called her, "Carla! Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?"

With her face seeming so distressed, Bonnie took Carla's hand and exclaimed, "You know what? I was worried sick! The news circulated all throughout the city and it even caused unrest to a lot of people. I came here immediately as soon as I heard about it.

I didn't want to disturb you because you were sleeping the moment I got here. How are you feeling now? I can't begin to imagine the stress that you must've been in. Are you all right?"

If Carla didn't know better, she would have been fooled by the concerned look on Bonnie's face, but the manic glint in her eyes easily gave her away. It was as if they were telling her, "You must have been freaked out and scared to death. Damn right, you should be! Going through something like that should be more than enough to teach you a lesson." However, the words she said was clearly far from what she truly felt. It was amazing how she could act like that in front of Carla.

She feigned her concern and acted as if her tears had really been shed for Carla when they both knew full well that wasn't the case.

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