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   Chapter 147 I Want More

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Nathan found a secret spot shortly after and parked the car. He stood three meters away, guarding the vehicle.

He instructed the guards to park their cars even further away.

Inside the car, it was already a battle field.

Carla was in such a rush that she didn't even give Terence the chance to gain the upper hand. She unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and ripped it apart exposing his hard abs.

She couldn't wait anymore. For the past several months, everything that she had ever felt and wanted to do with Terence, but kept suppressed inside of her had just been heightened to the brink of boiling point thanks to the drug.

Now Carla was nearly aggressive with her passion and longing, like a dominant queen wanting to be in charge.

"Carla, let's change positions,"

Terence said in a husky voice. He grabbed her waist and wanted to put her beneath him.

"Don't move!"

Carla pushed him back.

Outside, under the street lamp

Nathan frowned. He could make out what was going on since he wasn't standing that far away from the vehicle.

Although he couldn't hear what was going on, he was surprised that Terence wasn't taking control because he could clearly see who was on top.

It seemed to Nathan a bit of a failure for a man's first time that a woman was taking charge.

The windows began to fog up from all the heavy breathing that was going on inside and the vehicle began to rock.

"Terence, are you okay?" she asked breathlessly as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I want more..." moaned Carla.

As Terence's self-esteem as a man was trodden on, he smiled wryly in silence. He flipped Carla over pressing her beneath him and

regaining full control of the situation.

Terence moved his hips as though he had done this many times before. Natural instinct had kicked in and raw passion had driven him.

As the night grew darker, what was happening inside the vehicle seemed like fireworks blossoming against the dark night sky, enticing yet dangerous.

When Carla had finally woken up the next day it was late morning and the sun was already high up in the sky.

She looked around the room and found that she was in Terence's Seaview Villa, in his bed to be more precise.

Carla also found herself to be dressed in a clean pajama. Her body was clean and she could even smell a lovely fragrance on her.

Carla closed her eyes and

got a flashback of what had happened the night before. It was a living nightmare.

Although it all seemed surreal now, Carla knew that it all happened. She could see everything crystal clear in her mind.


they had didn't matter anymore.

The boss sent the bearded guy, who was the dumbest one, to the underground garage to make an exit by setting up an explosion. Little did he know that the boss only used him as a decoy. He meant to use him as a distraction only. That way the boss could make an escape for himself."

Carla was astonished at how ruthless and calculating the boss was. She grabbed Terence's hand and asked, "So why didn't the bearded one manage to escape as well when he exploded the underground garage wall?" asked Carla.

"There was no chance of that happening. The building hadn't been finished yet. There was no exit. It was just a lie that the boss had made up. He didn't even put a crack in the wall. Even if he did manage to detonate all of the explosives, there would still be no chance of an escape. It was a thick rock-solid wall,"

explained Terence patiently.

Yesterday when Carla's life was left hanging in the balance, he expected her to make a scene and break up with him once she had regained consciousness. Especially since what she had been through was practically all his fault.

Even before he entered the room, Terence was already wondering how he would begin to apologize to her and ask for her forgiveness.

But seeing her now, all of his worries were gone. The scene that he was expecting, never eventuated.

"Carla, if you feel anger inside yourself, don't hold it in. Take it out on me. I deserve it all," said Terence sincerely as he gazed at her with his beautiful dark eyes. He gently caressed her cheek. "You can do whatever you feel that you need to do."

Carla looked up at him and lifted her eyebrows mischievously. With sparkling eyes she said, "All right, do you promise?"

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