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   Chapter 146 We Can't Die

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Ted had thought that Jimmy would be opposed to his suggestion.

However, Jimmy replied, "Let's do what you said, since we're going to die anyway. But before we die, we take her to hell with us. After all, she caused all of this!" Jimmy felt so indignant.

What Ted said made sense. Since they wouldn't see their boss anymore and it was just a matter of time when they would be killed, they might as well kill Carla as revenge.

Carla almost fainted when she heard what they were going to do.

She knew that she didn't stand a chance if the gunmen had decided to give up on their lives.

They pointed their guns towards Carla simultaneously as if they had done it many times before. Carla backed up toward the window.

"Ah!! No! Please don't!"

Carla screamed and closed her eyes. However, they didn't stop. She could clearly hear the sound of gunshots and death was whispering in her ear.

At the same time, she could hear the horrible

sound of bone cracking and brains splattering.

She fell to the floor with a 'Thud!'.

Was this the feeling of dying?

But why?

Why could she still hear the sound of the helicopter propeller hovering overhead? The noise was getting louder and louder.

Why did she still have senses after death? Right, there was someone that she couldn't let go of.

It was her little brother Sean. He was only ten years old. He had lost both of his parents and now he would lose his last remaining family, his sister.

But, surely Terence would take care of Sean for her, right?

After all, she died because of him.

'Do you regret meeting him?' she asked herself.

Once she thought about Terence, her heart was full of him.

No, she didn't regret it one bit, even though she did die for him.

If there was a regret it would only have been, her refusal to Terence. She pushed him away time and time again. Now that she had died, she could never be intimate with him. If she had known that her life would end in such a way, she would have made love with Terence before she died.

So that she could leave without any regret.

It broke her heart to think that Terence would give his first time to another woman.

Moreover, she died with two kidnappers. How could she rest in peace after death?

In addition, she was drugged when she was alive. It was really a torture for her!

"Carla! Carla! Wake up!

Don't scare me, Carla!"

Terence patted her face anxiously. Why was she still unconscious? Where was she hurt? He had already checked her and there was no wound.

"Carla!" Terence continued to call her.

He took his top off and wiped the blood from h


All of a sudden, Carla's whole body shuddered. She felt something awakening inside of her and spreading to her limbs until she was engulfed by the hot feeling everywhere.

"What happened? Do you feel cold?" Terence asked concerned when he felt her trembling. He called out, "Nathan, turn off the air conditioning."

Nathan obeyed immediately.

It wasn't because she felt cold. It was her body's reaction to the aphrodisiac she was forced to drink that was mixed in the beer. She didn't feel the effects of the drug early, because she felt too anxious being in a life or death situation and the adrenaline took over.

But now that everything had quieted down and she was relaxed in Terence's arms, the drug was starting to slowly take over her sanity.

One of Carla's hands snaked up Terence's shirt and was caressing his broad chest. Then she lifted her head and started kissing his neck, mumbling in a trembling voice, "Terence, do you want me?

I want you right here, right now!"

Terence furrowed his brows and looked down at her in shock. He put his palm on her forehead and could feel that she was burning up. "Carla, have you been drugged?"

Carla didn't reply but brushed his hand away from her forehead impatiently. She twisted in his arms and forced him to lie down and climbed on top of him, straddling his body. Leaning down she covered his lips with her own, kissing him passionately and slipping her tongue into his mouth.

Her hands fumbled urgently to unbutton his shirt, but she failed because she was trembling so much. The fire inside of her burned hot making her feel uncomfortable and desperate for release. She pulled harder on Terence's shirt, ripping it open.

"Nathan, pull over!"

Terence commanded.

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