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   Chapter 145 Let Me Shoot

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10165

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Ahern was the name of the one they called the boss. He always wore dark sunglasses.

He held the beer bottle that was mixed with the aphrodisiac and handed it to Ted who had just been attacked by Carla. Ted grabbed the bottle from his hand and with one hand held Carla's head back, he poured the beer into her mouth.

Carla tried to shake her head from side to side and stop the beer mixture from going down her throat.

She chocked and sputtered and spat the beer out of her mouth.

"Shit!" cried Ted, who copped a face full of beer from Carla's mouth. He briefly let go of her to wipe his face with his hand, yelling, "It turns out that you're a bit of a wild cat. Well, the wilder you are the more fun I'm going to have with you!"

Ted then grabbed her chin roughly and pushed the bottle in her mouth forcing her to drink the contents from the bottle again.

Just at that moment, Jimmy came rushing towards them in a panic after he had a look downstairs.

"What do we do? We've been found out. Some vehicles are heading this way! They're fucking military vehicles!" shouted Jimmy in a frenzy.

They expected to see police cars. But when they saw the military vehicles they knew that the woman they had been holding hostage must be very important indeed. They were shocked and terrified.

"Who would have thought this bitch had someone in the military on her side? Just calm down! We've still got the hostage here," replied Ahern as he glanced anxiously downstairs.

"Take her to the roof. If they dare shoot, we will kill her before they reach us,"

ordered Ahern, with his cruel and cold voice. He seldom did these kinds of jobs anymore. But the promise of a lot of cash made him greedy and he decided to take the risk.

However, the risk involved might prove to have outweighed the profit in the end. Now things had suddenly become much more complicated and dangerous.

No wonder the employer banned them from casing the branches in advance. Instead, the employer asked them to wait till they were told to take action.

It turned out that maybe the employer didn't want them to sense that someone powerful was on her side. He feared that they would become afraid and refuse to take the job in the end.

"You two, take her to the roof. Find a good place to hide yourselves! Go quick!" Quintin said to the two gunmen and turned to Ahern.

Jimmy and Ted quickly grabbed Carla by the arms and dragged her up the stairs.

"Ahern, what should we do now?" he asked him anxiously.

Ahern, who had been wearing his sunglasses up until now, slowly took them off. One eye was missing and the other bulged slightly. He looked gruesome.

No wonder he always wore his sunglasses.

"Quintin, we have no choice but to sacrifice those two for our safety. There is an exit at the underground garage. Take some explosives with you and detonate the explosives there. Then we can get out of here," Ahern said as he wiped his sunglasses clean. He put them back on and continued, "Listen to me. I'm going upstairs to calm Jim

k much about it, she knew that there was infighting among the four gunmen. 'In this survival situation, perhaps the boss has already got out of the building, leaving these two behind, ' thought she.

"Can I say something? Please trust me, okay? I can persuade them to let you go. Or at least, I can persuade them to give you a chance to leave here,"

Carla said to them.

She was sure that Terence would listen to her. As long as they guaranteed her safety, it was likely that Terence would give them a chance to leave here.

However, after she finished talking, Jimmy just shoved the gun harder into her temple and yelled, "You shut up!"

"Okay, okay, don't be angry. I will shut up and stay quiet! I was just trying to help you out. Also, I think in a survival situation, your lives are more important than friendship. Don't you think so?

Okay, I'll stop now. Please don't kill me!"

Carla put her hands to her mouth and took the chance to move a little closer to the window without them noticing.

Suddenly, Ted spoke up, "Jimmy, it's not a good idea to hide and wait here the whole time. Let me make a call to Ahern."

Ted then took the cell phone and began to dial Ahern's number.

But there was no reception in the area so he couldn't get through.

That was when Ted began to panic. He kept on trying to dial his number, traipsing in front of the window from time to time.

Jimmy began to freak out too. He shouted, "Just stop going in front of the window, okay? Don't you know there are a lot of guns aiming at us right now?"

"Jimmy, I think there's something wrong. I can't get through to Ahern or Quintin and they still haven't shown up. Are we going to just wait here till they pop us off like sitting ducks?" Ted shouted back. He was becoming stir-crazy with all the waiting.

Jimmy gritted his teeth and said, "Ted, our brotherhood will last forever. Since we're not coming out of here alive today, let's take this woman with us. So we're not lonely in the underworld. What do you say?"

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