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   Chapter 144 Make Her Drink This

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After Terence heard Rainer's report, anger gathered in his eyes. He was beside himself full of rage but he still managed to control himself.

"Dear guests, the meeting today is over. Let's call it a day and I'll have my secretary inform you of the next meeting." Terence smiled.

He was trying hard to retain his composure. Since he was going to be the leader of AJ Group in the future, he would never allow himself to show a hint of panic in public no matter how urgent the situation was.

He left the meeting room immediately, and strode to the direction of the elevator with a sullen face. "How did it happen? What was the driver doing at that time? Why didn't he follow the kidnappers?" Terence shouted.

Rainer and Nathan quickly followed after him.

"Mr. Terence, Wade is a very experienced driver in the group. If the kidnappers dared to commit the crime in such a public place they must have been extremely cautious. They would have noticed that someone was following them. However, Wade did mark the plate number of the vehicle and texted it to me already,"

Rainer replied carefully as he wiped the nervous sweat from his brow. He knew that Terence must be very worried for Carla. Rainer was confused as to why someone would dare to kidnap Carla.

It was obviously done to provoke Terence. Rainer shuddered at the thought of what Terence would do to them when he found out who was behind it all.

Terence glanced at the phone to check the plate number and threw it to Nathan. "Check this plate! I want to know where that fucking car is! You've got five minutes!" he shouted.

Meanwhile, in a deserted building, a few men gathered.

A bearded man, by the name of Quintin, asked the man with dark sunglasses, "Boss, why did you change your mind all of a sudden? We don't have to kill her, right?"

Once he was instructed to kill Carla, Quintin was unwilling to accept it. He couldn't bear to kill a beautiful and harmless girl and commit a deadly sin.

"Quite simple. We have more than one client now, Quintin. This one has offered a much higher price. The first client hired us to rape her and the other— Wants her dead!

We can make double on this girl. Why would I turn such a good offer down?"

The man in the dark sunglasses sneered as he took a long drag on his cigarette.

"Our business is always dangerous and risky. But the money we are going to get from this sweet deal will set us up for life. We would be insane not to do it," said

ward to get the chair.

"All right! I'll give it to you!" Carla shouted as she threw the chair at him with all of her might.

Immediately she turned around and grasped two of the beer bottles one in each hand. But Jimmy and Ted were closing in on her. She could only hit one of them. She chose one as her target and closed her eyes as she belted him across the head.

'One is better than none!' she thought.


Ted who was hit cursed out loud as he put his hand to his head. He looked down at his hand and it was covered in blood. Filled with anger and rage he grabbed at her arms.

Jimmy ripped the bottle from her other hand and they both restrained her, holding her arms painfully hard.

Ted who was enraged clenched his teeth and grabbed her roughly by the collar, tearing it.

Carla's T-shirt ripped open exposing her collarbone. Ted glared at her and was about to pounce when Quintin stopped him.

"Easy, Ted. Don't be so rude to the young lady. I suggest we give her a little drink first. After all, this bitch is too feisty. If she fights back, she might hurt us. Make her drink the aphrodisiac and we can do whatever we want."

For what it was worth, Quintin was trying to make Carla suffer less.

The boss who had been standing aside picked up one of the bottles of beer from the ground and pulled the cap off with his teeth. He took a small bag of powder from his pocket and poured it all into the beer. He then covered the opening with his thumb and shook it.

He removed his thumb and passed it to them. Foam poured out of the bottle.

"Make her drink it! Be quick. We're running out of time!" he ordered.

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