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   Chapter 143 The Kidnapping

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It seemed that those two strange-looking men quickly exchanged a cautious glance just so that they confirmed their target.

Then, they split with each other to cover her either sides, held her arms tightly and forced her to move towards the car that was parked by the side of the road.

"Who the hell are you people! Let me go! I will..."

Carla's attempts to resist the men went in vain. She was forced into the car. Her terrified scream found no helping ears. A man tightly gagged her mouth and threatened,"Shut up if you wish to live!"

Carla didn't want to cooperate with them. She defied his threat and kept yelling for help. But a sharp knife being kept on her neck stopped her from doing anything more. She couldn't do anything but shiver in absolute fright.

The ice cold metal finally shut her up. She thought, 'What on earth just happened?

Why would they kidnap me? I didn't do anything but have a coffee with my friend! I hate this fucking place.

What the hell is wrong with this city?'

"Alright! Relax dude! I won't scream anymore. I promise! Can you tell me what do you want from me? Clearly, I am not a rich girl and I don't have a rich cousin. What exactly do you want from me?"

Carla was trying to keep her voice calm and figure out the reason why she was being forced by two strange men.

A part of her was hoping that they had mistook her for someone else.

A man with a long beard around his mouth responded to her query promptly,"You are right. We don't want a penny from you."

He paused for a moment. He checked her body out and licked his lips. His sinister intention seemed to be very obvious. He continued,"You're lucky! You showed up right in front of our eyes when we were craving to do something very bad."

He touched Carla's face against her will and continued talking,"Don't worry. We just want to have some fun. We will let you go once you've satisfied all of us."

His words frightened Carla to her bones. JA City was famous for its impressively low crime rate, but Carla appeared to have run out of luck right now. Carla felt sick of all the misfortunate incidents that had occurred to her ever since she step foot in this rotten city. She never took the warnings seriously.

"Hey guys! I am not dumb. If you sincerely had the intention of eventually letting me go freely, you would at least cover your faces up!"

Carla was trying to calm herself, but her heart was beating like crazy. 'It is nearly impossible for me to survive from this kidnapping', she assessed.

The bearded guy gave her a nasty smile and said,"Don't be so afraid. We are good guys. We have our own ways to ensure that you keep your mouth shut after we have had our fun. We won't hurt you as long as you

iously confused and decided to double check the matter. He took his phone out and made a phone call.

"Mr. Rainer, have you arranged for any other car to pick up Miss Carla?" asked Wade.

He was very confused, because he was the one who was responsible for driving Carla around in the city.

Having received a negative response, Wade was even more confused and dumbfounded. "But she just got into a car with two men."

He then narrated everything that he witnessed to Rainer.

Wade didn't really know what was going on. He held the phone waiting for some instructions regarding his next move. His eyes were staring in the direction that the car drove away. He was intrigued.

Upon hearing this, Rainer's forehead wrinkled. He had an ominous feeling about this.

"What are you talking about? Are you sure that she got into the car with two men and left?" asked Rainer impatiently.

As the driver of Ans, Wade was very cautious. That was why he made the call to reconfirm. He was absolutely certain of what he saw with his own eyes!

"Yes, Sir! I am very sure about this. Mr Rainer, you might want to check with Mr Terence. It might be him who sent another car for Miss Carla. If he didn't, we need to investigate this immediately. JA City has a very low crime rate but it still definitely has a significant number of criminals roaming around," said Wade thoughtfully.

Wade didn't feel right about this, but it was hard for him to imagine what exactly Carla was going through at this moment.

Rainer hung up the phone and rushed into the meeting room.

Terence was in a meeting with the board. Being interrupted by Rainer didn't upset him. He knew that it had to be something very important for Rainner to do so.

Terence rolled his chair back. Rainer stepped in and whispered the situation to his ear.

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