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   Chapter 141 Listen Behind The Wall

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6890

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At midnight, Carla felt someone holding her in her sleep. She half opened her eyes and glanced across. Then closed them again and went back to sleep.

Terence crawled into her bed again, leaving his own luxurious room to be with her.

It was hard to change the habit.

She was used to him crawling into her bed at midnight, so she closed her eyes and continued to sleep not arguing with him.

Terence spooned her pulling her close to his body.

One hand was under her neck and the other on her waist.

He slipped his hand under her pajama top. It felt much nicer to feel her silky smooth skin beneath his hand.

He slept in Carla's room so often that Nathan soon stopped being concerned about the whereabouts of Terence, as he knew that he was in Carla's room when he wasn't in his own.

The next morning, Terence and Carla took Sean to Ice Kingdom.

The Ice Kingdom was an underground castle made from real ice. It was said that it took hundreds of workers five years to complete this magnificent piece of art.

"Carla, Terence. Can I play in the maze?"

Sean was well rugged up with a heavy down jacket. He pointed to the sign with a picture of a large iced maze.

"Okay, you can have whatever you want today. Let's go to the maze." Carla was also wearing a heavy jacket, looked at the sign and began to walk there with Sean holding him by the hand.

Terence was wearing a dark green down jacket. He followed closely behind.

Nathan and Rainer were in charge of carrying the bags and protecting them as usual. They followed as well.

"Carla, you don't need to hold my hand. I can find the exit by myself faster," . Sean said itching to try on his own. Carla grabbed him so he couldn't run off.


Carla didn't feel confident to let him go by himself. She was afraid of losing him since the maze was bigger than she imagined.

Terence walked over and took Carla's hand. "It's okay. Let him go."

Then, he turned around and said, "Nathan, follow him. Make sure he doesn't get lost."

Nathan handed the bags to Rainer and

om the next room.

"William, I'm exhausted. Can you, stop and let me go?"

The voice sounded familiar to Carla.

If she could hear it more clearly, she could tell who it was.

" Violet, I thought you wanted more since you held my waist so tight,"

the man said, out of breath.

Hearing the two names, Carla was so surprised that she stared wide-eyed. 'Violet?'

The woman that was screaming and moaning in pleasure next door was her friend, Violet.

Seeing Carla taken aback, Terence laughed. "Carla, is she your friend?"

Judging from her surprised look, he was right. His memory always served him right. When Carla came to JA City for the first time, he met her once then.

Carla nodded. Never did she think that she would be in such an awkward position. To be with her boyfriend while she listened to her friend having sex next door.

"Let's go, or I'll be turned on." Terence sighed ready to go.

Seeing Carla still sitting on the bed, lost in a trance, Terence leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Carla, Carla?"

"What?" Carla came back to her senses hearing Terence call her and got out of the bed.

Her face was flushed and seemed unnatural.

"Tell me, what were you thinking about?" asked Terence as he suddenly grabbed her shoulders.

He was curious why she was blushing like that.

Where did her little mind wander off too?

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