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   Chapter 140 Why Start What You Can't Finish

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Raising the goblet to her lips, Carla drank the wine to the very last drop.

She put on an alluring smile and turned to face Terence. Looking him straight in the eyes, she took his hand and brought it slowly up to her mouth. She used his finger to slowly wipe the wine drops from her lips.

Then, ever so slowly, she licked and sucked his finger. She felt his body react and tense up.

His dark eyes gazed at her, he could feel a raging fire stirring in the pit of his hard stomach.

Carla was just having a bit of fun and teased him.

She got him so fired up that he could barely resist the temptation. This woman could make a scene like a shrew, but she could also seduce Terence like an enchantress.

Suddenly, Terence grabbed her around the waist and kissed her throat. "And? That's all?" he said in a low husky voice. "That's not enough for a grown man like me."

Carla's eyelashes fluttered. The look of complete purity returned back to her face. "But—I don't know anything more than that. I learned that from a movie."

Terence burst into laughter.

This woman was a total wild card. He could never predict what she would do next. Right after arousing his desire, she dragged him back into reality with her innocence and purity.

Forget it. After all, she was still a young girl.

"All right then. Give me a kiss and I'll let you go." Terence smiled and bent down a little. "They have set the table. Kiss me and we'll go downstairs to have dinner."

Carla stood on her tiptoes. She drew her lips close to Terence's and just as she was about to kiss his lips, she nibbled his Adam's apple instead.

After that trick, she turned and bolted out the door to the elevator.

When Terence came out of his daze, he chased after her. He found her pulling faces at him from the elevator just before the door closed.

Terence smiled and touched his throat where she had just nibbled him. A wave of arousal flooded over him once again at her unexpected behavior.

His Carla wasn't that innocent any more.

But, he liked that.

After dinner, Carla and Sean went for a seaside walk. The beautiful night was lit up by a silvery moonlight and the sky was filled with millions of dazzling stars.

Terence had joined them shortly afterward.

With the moonlight highlighting his broad shoulders he walked in between the two of them and held both of their hands. They looked just like a family of three.

Among the three, Sean had the widest smile on his li

d, "Women are oversensitive.

Carla stays with me now and we are always together. Bonnie's bound to get suspicious. My words may have had some effect but wouldn't put off all of her doubts."

Putting his nightgown on, Terence turned to Nathan. "How is the investigation on Bonnie going?"

Nathan nodded and answered in a serious tone.

"Bonnie is a careful person. At school, she behaved well and seldom made mistakes. She is always obedient to her parents' wishes.

However, at sixteen, she fell in love with a boy. Her family kept it as a secret, but I discovered it.

Bonnie loved him very much and often would sneak out to meet him. They most likely had sex and because of that, her parents locked her up for a month.

Back then, it was only a guess. But six months later, the guess was confirmed, because Bonnie went to the hospital for an operation. Well, you know, a restoring operation for young women."

Nathan paused for a moment and then continued, "I guess it's probably not a big deal for girls of that age, but for a prominent family like the Huas, it was scandalous.

The family tried to disguise the fact and that's why they forced her to have the restoring operation, in fear that peoples would use it against them in the future."

Terence wasn't in the least bit surprised by what Nathan told him. He simply tightened the belt and replied, "I see. Find the boy for me, and create a chance meeting for them."

"Yes, Mr. Terence," responded Nathan.

"Oh. If he is poverty-stricken, don't forget to lend him a hand. Otherwise, the noble Miss Bonnie may look down on him."

With that, he went off to the bathroom.

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