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   Chapter 139 Sending A Gift To Mr. Terence

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9513

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"A gift?" Hasen paused and asked.

"It is only polite to bring a gift. One can never go empty-handed when asking others for a favor. Am I right? Besides, the An family is a powerful family. They are sure to be accustomed to these kind of things. We have to make sure that the gift will be lavish. If we bring something, Mr. Terence might acknowledge our request. If that happens, he might consider helping us. We must bring an expensive gift just to be sure!"

Carla said with a smile. Then she added, "Uncle, selecting a University is one of the most important thing a person will do in her life. She is your precious daughter. It is only right that you spare no expense to provide her with the best. I am not entirely sure whether I can help or not. However, you can call me whenever you need me. I promise that I will try me best to help you," said Carla.

Hasen hesitated when he heard about the gift. Moreover, there was a chance that this may not succeed.

His wife was sitting next to him and she was getting impatient. She snatched the phone from his hand and said, "Carla, aren't you together with Terence now? From what I've heard, you and him are now dating. Based on your relationship, is a gift really necessary?"

Carla withdrew the phone slightly away from her ear because her aunt was speaking loudly. She then glanced at Sean who was listening carefully in the conversation. She returned the phone to her ear and replied, "My dear aunt, there is an old saying that seeing is believing. Have you seen us together in person?"

"I heard that Terence was engaged with another woman. But a lot of people are saying that it was over and that you two are together now. Can you give him some pillow talk? Persuade him to help us? Maybe he will agree to help us if you talk to him very sweetly. What do you say, Carla?" her aunt pleaded.

Carla sneered and said, "Aunt, it is easy for you to say that. When I was in college I heard that even the daughter of our mayor failed to enter the JA College. And only by one point at that. Your daughter failed by ten points. Do you really think it is possible to get her in?

Now without contributing a single cent, you and my uncle want me to ask the Ans for help. Tell me how to do that?"

Struck dumb by her sharp words, her aunt thought for a little while and said, "How about this? You cover the cost of the gift for us first then we will pay you back after. We can even give you more money if you managed to help us!"

"I'm so sorry, Aunt. I do not think that I can do that. I am just a young woman in my twenties. I also need to pay for my brother's education. How can I possibly buy an expensive gift for you?"

said Carla. She can't help but feel offended with her aunt's words.

"So Carla, are you saying that you are not willing to help us? Is that what you are implyi

rried? You can keep on dreaming, big guy!"

Terence chewed the banana and threw the peel into the trashcan. He cocked his eyebrow and replied to Carla "Don't forget your words! If I end the engagement, you need to marry me and bear my children! Right? There is no backing out now! You can't take back what you said."

Carla walked up to the wine cabinet and poured herself a glass of wine.

"Do not misinterpret my words and take them out of context," she said.

The most important thing right now was for them to get married.

It would mean a lot to her.

Instead of answering her immediately, Terence just stared at her silently. He was rubbing his chin while contemplating.

Carla was acting different. She was silent.

Like an elegant Persian cat, she was looking at the wine glass lazily with her eyes half open.

She looked sexy and pure at the same time. She was like a beautiful michelia alba that was blooming in a valley. Her black hair covered half of her fair face and her bright eyes blinked beautifully from time to time.

His head was filled with words that could possibly describe how beautiful she was at that moment but he found it difficult to say them. Her beauty was making him speechless.

"Carla, I promise that I will marry you.

No one is more qualified to become my wife than you,"

Terence said while approaching her. He took the wine glass from her hand and drank from it.

Carla took the wine glass back and told him, "Thank you, your majesty. I will be eternally grateful to you for your appreciation. I promise to take good care of you as carefully as I can!"

"Oh, really? How grateful are you? Can you please show me?" said Terence. He was like a bad boy. His dazzling eyes were being filled with tenderness.

Carla smiled sexily at him. He was now flirting with her hard.

'Okay then, Mr. Terence. I will give you what you want.'

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