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   Chapter 138 Have A Child

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She gazed into the old man's eyes and listened intently.

"The solution is, to have a child with Terence! The sooner, the better!"

Nicholas' tone and expression were serious.

"But—," Carla uttered in shock.

"That way, things will be set in concrete. You have my full support and nobody can separate you after that!" Nicholas explained confidently.

Carla sat in shock staring at Nicholas. After she regained her composure she smiled awkwardly and said, "Grandpa, we're not even married yet. Isn't it too early to even speak of a child?"

"Exactly my point. That's why I suggest having a child as soon as possible. If you want your happy life with Terence to come earlier, this is a shortcut to it." Nicholas smiled and patted her hand. "Carla, I don't have a great-grandchild yet. Terence's eldest brother is in NF now. And even though Rhys is engaged, he is unlikely to have a child any time soon, since he's still a playboy.

What's more, Terence is the only legitimate heir who is recognized by the whole family. His child will be the most anticipated and welcomed!

Both Marcus and Rhys are bastards. Even though they are also successors legally, they will never become the heir of the An family.

Apart from the law, an heir must also be recognized by the three branches of the An family.

It's a family tradition that has been passed down for centuries. Even Edmund has to comply with it, let alone Marcus and Rhys."

"But, Grandpa— Isn't the reason why Marcus and Rhys are not recognized that they were children born out of wedlock? If Terence and I have a child before we are married, wouldn't our child have the same status as theirs?"

Carla bit her lower lip and couldn't help asking.

"Carla, you little fool! How can it be the same? They ended up like that because Edmund didn't want to marry their mother in the first place. But you and Terence are different. You love each other and he can ask to marry you when you are pregnant. Your child will still be legitimate and it doesn't contradict to our family rule,"

Nicholas patiently explained it to her.

Carla thought for a while. Initially, she thought Nicholas' suggestion seemed a bad one. However, after giving it some more thought, it did actually make sense. The idea had never crossed her mind before, but now, she was seriously considering his bold proposal. Although this wasn't the result that she wanted at all.

"Grandpa, please stay and have lunch with me. I have already asked the chef to prepare some dishes that you like." She wanted to shift the topic as soon as possible.

Nicholas smiled and nodded.

It was natural for this girl to feel shy. After all, this was the first formal meeting between them

could help with that?

Your cousin wants to study at JA University. You know, it's a very reputable university and she will have a much better future for herself if she can study there. So you see—"

JA University was among the best universities in the country. Her uncle wanted his daughter to study there through the way of influence. It really was a tall order.

"Uncle, you have really overestimated me. If I had such an influence, I wouldn't have studied in a small college in BH City myself! You're asking the wrong person."

Carla couldn't help grinning. How ignorant her uncle was to ask for such an unrealistic favor!

"Carla, don't turn me down so quickly! I know everything. You know the An family's heir, right? How can I be asking the wrong person? Since I know you have such a strong relationship with him,"

Hasen smiled. "Besides, if your cousin settles down in JA City, you can take care of each other. After all, you are relatives. It will be a good thing for both of you."

'News travels fast, ' thought Carla.

How did he know of her relationship with Terence even from BH City?

Her uncle even thought that she could help with his daughter's college entrance qualification?


It was really ridiculous!

"Uncle, I will try to help you since you insist. But you shouldn't believe all the rumors. In fact, I don't know the An family's heir very well. We are only casual acquaintances. Besides, what you are asking isn't going to be an easy task. You will have to first prepare some gifts for me to take to him before I go to meet him."

Carla's eyes twinkled wickedly. She didn't turn him down directly, but she could shrink him back in some other ways.

However, She didn't expect that Terence, who was standing behind her had heard the whole conversation.

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