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   Chapter 137 Nicholas Visited

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Carla was fixing a pot plant with her sleeves rolled up to her elbows. She turned back and asked, "Who?"

"Miss Carla, Chief is Mr. Nicholas. Mr. Terence's grandfather. We all call him Chief," Sophie explained patiently.

"He's who— Oh, my gosh! What's he doing here?" Carla said in a panic, suddenly remembering who he was. She met him once briefly in BH City.

The old man came across as too aggressive and she found him very intimidating and hard to handle.

Now that Terence wasn't here she was left to deal with him on her own.

"Miss Carla, I believe the old master would have been aware that Mr. Terence wasn't here at the moment. It's obvious that he is coming to see you,"

Sophie analyzed. She had been working for Terence for a long time and so Sophie had a relatively good insight of what was going on.

Carla shuddered hearing her say that. She looked down at her soiled casual outfit and said, "Sophie, can you stay with him while I go clean myself up and change into something more appropriate?"

"Okay. Don't panic, Miss Carla. Chief looks forbidding, but in fact he is nice to young people," Sophie said trying to ease her fears.

"I see. Wait— How should I call him? Chief?" Carla was about to run off to get changed when she suddenly remembered to ask her. Sophie was older and more experienced at dealing with these sorts of things.

Since Carla and Terence were in a subtle relationship, properly addressing his grandfather would be extremely important.

"Well, Mr. Terence calls him Grandpa. Maybe you can call him the same too?"

'Terence loved Carla so much. It's most likely that they will marry. So once Carla was married to Terence, then it would only be natural for her to call him grandpa as well, ' thought Sophie.

"I don't think that's a good idea. He may think me too presumptuous," Carla said furrowing her brows.

Sophie chuckled and agreed. Carla's concerns sounded reasonable. "Miss Carla, the people outside of their family, like us call him, Chief. Younger people or people close to him call him Mr. Nicolas or Nicholas. You could call him Mr. Nicholas or just Nicolas. It wouldn't be offensive."

Carla nodded. She vaguely recalled that she may have calle

o much. He said if I wanted to see my granddaughter-in-law, I had to come here myself.

He said in view of the current situation, even if he did ask you, you wouldn't have come with him to see me, anyway. So instead, I came here myself."

She bowed her head down and became silent. Nicholas looked at Carla with a warm smile on his face and said, "Don't feel embarrassed. Me coming here tells you everything, doesn't it?"

'Nicholas loves his grandson so much.

That's why he has accepted me, the girl that Terence loves.'

Carla nodded slightly but still kept her head down and said in a meek voice, "Thank you, Grandpa. It's not that I didn't want to see you. I just felt that I don't deserve—"

After all, to the Ans she was a country girl from nowhere. She didn't have the courage or confidence to just go and visit Terence's family.

Nicholas bellowed out a hearty laugh and it made Carla suddenly feel relieved.

"Silly girl. You're the one that Terence has chosen. Why wouldn't I like you?" Nicholas said smiling with a face beaming full of affection. "Let me tell you something. No matter what others might think, as long as you and Terence love each other, that's all that matters. You are a promising couple!

We all have hurdles in our lives

and if you want to get through the hard times sooner. I have a piece of advice for you."

Nicholas leaned forward with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes.

Carla pulled her chair closer to him.

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