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   Chapter 136 Carla Can You Bite Me Gently On The Lips

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8805

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Carla could feel that it was Terence without even looking. She hit him square on the face with the slipper in her hand and shouted, "Are you freaking insane? You just said that I was a nobody and was just your frigging savior, didn't you? Have you already forgotten what you just said to me?"

Terence quickly removed the slipper from her hand and tossed it onto the floor. He heaved her over his shoulder and took her back to his bedroom.

After he put her down onto his bed he called Nathan on his cell phone.

"Nathan, has Bonnie left?"

"Yes, I just saw her get into the car and leave now," replied Nathan.

In fact, when Bonnie quietly went upstairs, Nathan had already noticed it. So, he immediately informed Terence.

Even though Terence had already found out himself.

Terence heaved a sigh of relief. He glanced at Carla, who was glaring at him full of fury and he explained, "I need you to calm down and hear me out. Bonnie was hiding behind the screen eavesdropping. So I had to say something to hurt your feelings. I only said it to make her believe that we're not lovers. Because once she found out, I'm afraid she would try to do something to hurt you."

Carla brought her knees up to her chest defensively and to keep Terence at a distance. She made a grunting sort of noise and questioned with doubt in her voice, "Really? But just a moment ago, I saw her kiss you downstairs.

You seemed to be enjoying yourself, didn't you? Your fiancee is such a good dancer, and you must feel very proud of her, right? And she loves you so much that it's only natural for her to kiss you. Isn't that right?

Terence, if you want to admit that you love her, I will respect you as an honest man. But how could you cheat on me?"

Terence burst out into laughter. If she hadn't been hurt he would have laid her out onto the bed and taught her a lesson. But he stopped because he didn't want to hurt her injured foot. "Why are you saying that I am cheating on you?

Do you know what I was thinking while I was dancing with her?" asked Terence with a smile on his face.

Carla hugged her knees and looked away, saying, "It's none of my business and I don't care what you were thinking about at all."

"I was thinking that it would be wonderful if my Carla would learn to dance. Then I would hold a ball for you and dance with you all night long." He cupped her face and leaned in to kiss her.

But Carla refused. "Don't kiss me! You kissed another woman with those lips just now."

"Come on. I've brushed my teeth and washed my mouth out many times. You can check for yourself by smelling my breath," said Teren

ng is not enough. I have to spend more time climbing the mountains and get my whole body involved and stronger, ' she thought.

Later on that day, Terence, Rainer, and Nathan were all away on business. And Sean went to school. Carla was left alone and she felt a little bored.

She was sitting on the swing to pass the time.

"Miss Carla, I'm sorry to bother you. But Mr. Terence ordered some greenery and flowers and they had just arrived. Where should I place them?"

Sophie came up to her and asked.

Carla hopped off the swing and looked at the yard. She saw a lot of fresh flowers and greenery on the back of a large truck.

"Maybe you should make a call to Rainer or Nathan and ask," replied Carla feeling a little awkward.

Sophie smiled patiently and shook her head. "Mr. Terence has told me, that it's up to you. You can place the flowers wherever you like."

Before Carla came to stay at his villa, Terence had told his servants that once Carla moved in, she would be the hostess of the house. If there was anything that they couldn't decide they should ask Carla for advice.

Carla stood dazed for a moment and thought, 'According to what Terence has said to his servants, they might misunderstand and think that I am an absolute dragon.

But at least, it will help me kill the boring hours.'

Carla circled the villa and paid more attention to the places which were suitable for the greenery. Also, she specially consulted a gardener about the feature of greenery and flowers.

An hour later, she asked the gardeners to carry the greenery and flowers to the places that she had planned out.

When she was busy with the placement of the flowers, Sophie came to her again and told her, "Miss Carla, our chief is coming."

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