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   Chapter 135 Terence The Good Actor

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7922

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"Carla! "

Sean screamed.

Carla had already tumbled to the ground. She was wincing in pain as she held her ankle gingerly. Carla glanced at Sean signaling for her brother that she was all right and to stop screaming. There were only two steps left, so how bad could she have gotten hurt?

Then she looked across and saw that Terence and Bonnie were walking towards her.

"Err— I'm fine. My brother finished his homework and insisted that I come down with him. I'm sorry to disturb you,"

she said as she waved at them. Carla got up quickly and hobbled on her injured ankle hurriedly into the elevator with Sean.


Bonnie held on to Terence's arm as he was about to stride over to the elevator. Her beautiful eyes gazed at him and she said in a soft voice, "Terence, I'm your fiancee. If Carla can stay in your home, surely I can as well. Can't I?"

Terence looked down at her hand that was stopping him from going to Carla. A shadow of darkness flashed through his eyes, making it hard for others to figure out what he was thinking.

"Bonnie, your being my fiancee is exactly the reason why you couldn't stay here. You are different from other women—

... I'll have someone take you back."

Then, Terence broke loose from her hold and without explaining any further to her, he called the driver.

After that, he turned on his heels and briskly walked into the elevator.

Bonnie stood rooted to the spot as she helplessly watched Terence leave. She felt desolate and miserable in her heart. She was his fiancee, but Terence still wouldn't touch her in a way that lovers do.


Her brother had said, that if a man didn't want to touch a woman even if he could, it could only mean one of two possibilities, that either he didn't love her or he loved her too much.

It was obvious what Terence felt about her.

Bonnie had planned to leave with the driver. However, curiosity got the better of her.

She wanted to see for herself how Terence had behaved with Carla when she wasn't there.

Was it true that Carla was only his life-saver and he was grateful?

Or, were they actually romantically involved?

"I'm not feeling very well. Wait for me outside, please. I will only be a moment. I need to go to the bathroom,"

said Bonnie to the driver, who was waiting for her.

"Yes, Miss Hua." The driver nodded respec

to do?"

Carla felt as though her heart had just been ripped out of her chest. She coughed ferociously as she fumbled to stand up and leaned against the sofa for support. The pain in her ankle cut through her like a knife and she gave out a short gasp.

"All right! Terence, you win! I just don't like your fiancee. She hurt my brother. How can I like her?"

Carla said, rubbing her ankle and gave out a sneer. "It's easy to get me in, but it's going to be hard for you to get me out! Even if, as you say, I don't deserve it! I'm here now. You can try and throw me out if you dare! I will not leave!"

Carla then hobbled angrily to the door and then remembered that she had forgotten to put her slippers on.

So she hobbled back to the sofa and bent down awkwardly to put on her slippers. After she put one slipper on her good foot, she pulled the other slipper onto her sore foot and winced in pain. So she limped back towards the door with one slipper in her hand and one on her foot.

Bonnie quickly left from behind the screen when she heard footsteps coming.

She felt so relieved.

How could she have believed that Terence could fall in love with a vulgar woman like Carla? The truth was, she was his lifesaver and she was using it to take advantage of him.

Since that was the case Bonnie didn't need to worry anymore.

It meant that Carla wasn't as difficult to handle as she had imaged she was.

While Carla was

limping to the door with one slipper in her hand, a man suddenly walked up and grabbed her from behind scooping her up off the ground.

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