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   Chapter 134 Bonnie, You Dance So Well

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When Carla got out from the cable car, Terence held her around the waist to carefully help her.

Bonnie, who was waiting not that far away from them witnessed the whole scene. Understandably, she couldn't help but feel hurt and jealous. Like all other girls, she couldn't turn a blind eye to her fiance's intimate behavior with another women.

"Terence!" she called out. After she had recovered her composure with a smile, she gracefully went over and took his hand in hers and then walked to the parking lot with him.

Julie also went to Noah and asked, "Noah, shall we go back now?"

"Yes, let's go," Noah replied and walked away.

Julie quietly followed him.

She was hoping to leave hand in hand with Noah, just as Bonnie and Terence had. But she knew that Noah wouldn't like that so she didn't dare try.

The prerequisite of staying with him was to be obedient and to follow his lead.

Carla was left behind with Nathan and Rainer at her side.

The trip was a good one for her. She was not the type of person who would ask for much. She had enjoyed herself and had delicious food. What more could she ask for?

Even though the two groups were heading for different destinations, there was only one way out from the mountain.

Terence's car was in front, while Noah's car followed.

When they had arrived at the foot of the hill, they all got out of their vehicles and bid each other farewell.

Carla felt so sleepy that she really didn't want to get out. But when she heard Noah mention her name from outside of the car, she couldn't find it in herself to be so impolite.

"Terence, I am handing my sister over to you. Please take good care of her. She has been spoiled by us and at times she might be unruly and displease you. But she is kind in her nature. Please don't take it too much to heart when she does make mistakes."

When Carla was about to get out of the car she heard what Noah had said to Terence.

She froze on the spot.

Carla stayed in the car a moment longer so she could hear how Terence would answer Noah.

'Will he promise Noah against his will or—'

"Noah, you can rest assured that even if she weren't my fiancee, she is your sister, after all. I will take care of her for certain,"

Terence replied with a smile.

To the average person his reply seemed flawless. Just a standard polite reply.

However, Noah read between the lines and interpreted it with another meaning altogether.

Terence didn't mention which sister he was referring to, as he didn't mention Bonnie's name. Carla was also Noah's sister.

"Great! Then I can leave with peace of mind," Noah smiled politely back.

e himself when he saw Carla flop back down into bed again.

How could she ignore his warning? At times he felt as if things were the other way around. It felt like Carla was his little sister because he was always worried about her.

Finally, Carla threw the covers aside and gave Sean a look. She got up and walked out reluctantly.

She chose to take the stairs instead of the lift. Because she didn't want to alert them that she was coming and if Terence was doing something that he shouldn't be, then she would catch him out.

Once Carla was nearly at the bottom of the stairs of the second floor, they came into view from there. She was stunned to see Bonnie in Terence's arms as they glided gracefully across the floor.

They danced beautifully and every movement was fluid and smooth matching each other perfectly.

Both Terence and Bonnie were born in prestigious families and so the Waltz was a basic skill for them.

Terence stood tall and proud with his arm around Bonnie's waist. Their postures and steps were so harmonious and light, like a pair of butterflies. Bonnie was gazing into his eyes, smiling happily and she looked more gracefully and sweeter than ever before.

As romantic music played on, Carla could see a slight smile on Terence's lips and a sparkle in his eyes.

Carla stood there until the dance was finally over.

Bonnie stared at Terence, her eyes full of expectation. She was so touched by the romantic atmosphere that she leaned forward and gave Terence an unexpected kiss on the lips.

"Terence, you did great," she said in an alluring voice.

Carla was so distracted by what she had just witnessed, that she forgot to look down at her footing. All of a sudden, she missed a step and came tumbling down the stairs.

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