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   Chapter 133 The Cable Car

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Once they entered the carriage the staff locked the door and the cable car started running.

Before Carla had a chance to adjust to the moving cable car she was grabbed by two strong hands and a pair of lips came crashing down on top of hers, smothering her with a passionate kiss.

While the cable car rocked and shook Carla feared to make any sudden moves. Terence thought that she was allowing him to make out with her so his kiss became even greedier and more intense.

He had pressed himself so close to her that he could almost feel the warmth of her curvy body.

Carla didn't want to move the car too much in case people would get the wrong idea and wonder what was happening in their car. But Terence didn't seem to be letting go of her any time soon, so she pinched him hard on the waist.

Terence winced a little but instead of pulling away he bit the tip of her tongue and kissed her deeper still, for punishment.

The kiss was so passionate that she could hear him swallowing.

Carla's face flushed as she thought of what he was swallowing—her saliva!

Terence finally let go of her when he was satisfied with the kiss.

Carla's face was as red as a boiled shrimp. She looked outside the window and was relieved to find that the stop was still a distance away. It would give her time to recover. Otherwise, people would definitely know that they were up to something.

"Carla, I wonder what it would be like to do it up here. I would love to try it." Terence said in a sexy husky voice as he pulled her into his lap.

"What do you mean? Aren't you already in the cable car?" Carla asked as she tried to catch her breath. She was already used to Terence's carnal desire's that he showed from time to time.

If she got angry every time he asked something like this, she would be spending her life in anger.

Besides, she really didn't have the strength to get mad.

He kissed the life out of her and it was just an effort to speak, let alone argue with him.

"I mean doing what we will both enjoy." Terence gave her a seductive smile as he nibbled her earlobe.

When Carla realized what he was referring to, her face flushed red again.

This man was so capable of flirting with her.

"Terence, can you stop being such an ass?" she said angrily, sitting next to the window and looking at the scenery outside.

"It's only because you won't ever let me have my way with you. I was just consoling myself with false hope. Are you really that cruel to even take that away from me?" Terence pinched her out of discontent.

Many couples had sex after less than a week of dating. But Terence could only kiss her even after half a year of dating.

Carla felt the st

en if Carla is out of the picture, there will be other women competing against you. Do you want me to kill all of them for you?"

Bonnie became silent. She bit her lip hard and lowered her head helplessly.

"Then what should I do? I don't know how to make Terence notice me again. And if he finds out about the car accident and that it was arranged by me, he will hate me even more—"

This was also what unsettled Bonnie.

Indeed, Carla had saved Terence's life. But Bonnie was the one who was supposed to marry him, and that decision was made by their families long before Carla even came into the picture.

Originally, Bonnie thought that even if Terence wound someday find out what she had done, they would already have been married by then, and he could do nothing about it.

But now, things had changed.

"Bonnie, there are many ways in the world. Take my advice, choose the one way that suits you most." After Noah had finished the cable car had almost reached the end, so he had to be brief.

"Listen, Bonnie. Not only is Terence fond of special girls, I am as well. All men are. Carla is a very special girl.

If you want Terence to notice you again, you will have to make yourself more excellent and more outstanding, other than that, nothing is useful. Do you understand?"

As Noah finished his words, the cable car had reach its destination.

It was better to hold your head high and fight than to weep and beg.

Bonnie stopped crying and fixed her makeup. "Noah, thank you. I know what to do now."

'Noah is right. If a woman wants to be exceptional she can't just rely on her status.'

Noah and Bonnie came out of the car and then Julie followed.

Then came Nathan and Rainer.

Finally, Carla and Terence's cable car arrived at the end of the destination.

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