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   Chapter 132 Keep Your Distance

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"Mr. Noah was really great! With just one kick, the thief was down!" Carla complimented with much gusto.

"It must be a trick of fate that we met somewhere in BH City," Noah smiled as he took back his glance from Carla.

Bonnie couldn't help but be stunned.

She thought that Noah could help her out but it seemed that Carla also knew him.

Since Carla, Bonnie, and Terence hadn't eaten, they decided to move to a bigger table.

Noah and Julie sat side by side, across Terence and Bonnie.

Meanwhile, Carla suddenly felt out of place. She wanted to join Nathan and Rainer at the other table. As she stood up, Terence raised a hand to stop her. Without any word, she sat back down beside Terence.

There was a heavy air of awkwardness during the meal.

It was so heavy and thick that one could cut it with a spoon.

Bonnie chewed her lip as she glared at Carla. The latter could feel her sharp glares while Terence was picking food for her.

It was normal that Bonnie hated Carla.

However, Carla didn't understand why Julie also disliked her. Julie managed to mask it well though.

Women had sharp instincts, after all. Carla could pretty much sense that Julie didn't like her. It made her wonder.

Was it because she was Noah's girlfriend and possibly Bonnie's future sister-in-law? Since Bonnie didn't like her, there was also a chance that Julie wanted to back Bonnie up.

She just shrugged. 'Whatever. Who cares about them? Their family has nothing to do with me, ' thought Carla.

With that, she started to eat.

She was so hungry since she was exhausted from all the mountain climbing.

During the meal, Carla didn't pay attention to their conversation and only had her focus on the delicious fish meal in the restaurant.

After the meal, Bonnie dragged Julie out. The two women went to the pool where various Koi fishes inhabited and a huge crowd gathered around it.

"Mr. Noah, your girlfriend is really beautiful," said Carla, looking up at him.

Terence went to fin

back to reality. She was just feeding fish and chatting with Julie when an idea popped inside her head.

Noah grinned. "Ah, it's nothing important. We should probably go to the cable car now so we could go down the mountain. It's already this late." Noah put his hands inside his pockets as he glanced at Julie.

The smile on Julie's face remained. It made her look ladylike, as if she came from a well-mannered family.

She walked over to Noah's side quietly. She didn't do anything intimate, not even holding his hand.

Bonnie called Terence and agreed on meeting with him by the cable car.

When they had all gathered, Terence, Nathan, and Rainer were waiting for them by the entrance.

"Terence, I just have a tiny request. Can I ride the cable car with my brother?"

Bonnie put up her hands together as if she was praying. She needed to spend a moment with Noah alone. She would let Carla have her fun this time.

"Alright." Terence instantly agreed.

Bonnie and Noah went onto the first cable since it could fit two people. Then Nathan and Rainer. Then Julie was left alone.

She didn't mind after all. There wasn't any trace of displeasure on her face.

Finally, it was Terence and Carla's turn to hop on.

In broad daylight, Terence held her hand like a princess, letting her go in first, and finally himself.

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