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   Chapter 131 A Chance Meeting with Noah

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Bonnie's eyes gazed at Terence who stood behind Carla through the cellphone camera. She noticed how soft his eyes were when he looked at Carla. She chewed her lip as jealousy gradually filled her chest.

She ignored that feeling and tapped the phone several times.

After the photo was taken, it looked a bit different. It was hard to tell whether it was because of the lighting or the angle.

Carla took the phone so she could see the photo. It seemed like Terence, who stood behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist.

Nathan and Rainer looked like two door-gods due to the expression of their faces. Nathan had a solemn expression while Rainer flashed a gleaming smile.

"This photo looks so good. And I applaud Bonnie for taking such a wonderful photo,"

Terence looked at the photo and glanced at Bonnie as he praised her.

The unpleasant look on Bonnie's face faded a bit and it turned into a smile. She was kind of distracted while she walked all by herself.

"Ms. Carla, if you would be so kind, please send the photo to me! This is the first time I got a photo with Mr. Terence and I want to frame it!"

Rainer said with an enthusiastic smile.

"Alright. I will be sending it!"

Carla replied and sent it to Rainer via WeChat.

At long last, their group had finally reached the mountaintop.

Carla smiled as she couldn't help but admire the majestic scenery before her. There was a cave with stones elegantly dipped around it.

Some caves were embellished with lighting, making it appear as if it was sparkling. Some caves were beautiful but not suitable for sightseeing due to being too dark.

There was a beautiful pavilion near a babbling spring. The special light made the running water look as if it was sparkling.

Furthermore, some caves were rebuilt into commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and entertainment places.

"Don't take too many photos or else you'll drain your battery."

Terence reminded Carla as she was snapping away ceaselessly.

As he finished his word, she shouted, "Ah!

Ugh. You jinxed me!"

She groaned. If she could remember correctly, she had charged her phone up a bit inside the car. But unfortunately, it was far from enough and because she kept snapping photos along t

for a long time! What have you been doing so far? You never sent me any messages!"

Noah gave her arm a pat and smiled, "I have been a very busy man recently. I am always in a business trip. Besides, you're already engaged to Mr. Terence. You can't always stay with me."

Bonnie felt her cheeks heat up and glanced at Terence secretly.

Carla finally caught up to them.

'I don't need to be here, ' She thought as she observed them.

Her presence wasn't needed anyways.

However, her appearance surprised Noah. His dark eyes glittered.

He never thought he would see her there.

Carla gave him a lovely smile as a greeting.

"Miss Carla, how unexpected! You're here too!"

Upon hearing those words, Carla almost lost balance but she managed to get back at her feet quickly.

"Oh my!" Carla exclaimed, still with a smile. "What a coincidence, Mr. Noah."

"Well, indeed it is. Whom are you with?" Noah glanced at Terence.

Terence smiled, stretched out his arm, and pulled Carla toward him, "She comes here with me. I didn't expect you knew each other though."

Terence actually knew that Noah knew Carla, but Bonnie and Julie didn't know the truth so he pretended to be surprised.

Noah noticed Terence's hand on her shoulder. He was so clever that he knew it was a declaration.

After all he knew their fellow men so well.

Even though Bonnie was already engaged to him, he had someone else inside his mind.

Noah thought, 'Looks like things are getting really interesting now.'

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