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   Chapter 130 Mountain Climbing

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9084

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"Did you drug her?" Carla asked gaping in shock.

She was worried about Bonnie's well being and moved closer to check her. 'Thank goodness, her breathing is smooth and stable.'

Carla thought that Terence was violent enough to knock Bonnie out because she was too annoying. It turned out he used drugs instead of fists.

"Where did you get the knock-out drops?" Carla asked, still confused.

Terence pulled her into his arms after canoodling her and he answered, "I got Nathan to prepare some before we got into the vehicle."

Carla fell silent.

'Did he know already that Bonnie would be coming with us?

But wait, why would he have knockout drops at all? Or, wasn't this the first time that he has used the drug?' Carla thought concerned.

Since Bonnie was out cold, Terence could kiss and cuddle Carla as much as he wanted without worrying about Bonnie. He held her in his arms until they had almost reached the destination. Finally, when they were nearly there he let Carla go. With a bit more time left on her hands, she took her phone and began to play games.

"Carla, can you pretend to be asleep?" Terence asked as he caressed her hair.

"What?" His random question distracted her from the game she was playing and she looked up at him in confusion.

Terence explained, "Bonnie will wake up soon after the drug wears off. If she wakes up and sees that she was the only one asleep, she will get suspicious. The best solution is that we both pretend to be asleep as well."

Carla nodded and plugged her mobile to charge before she lay down across the seats and closed her eyes.

Terence grinned satisfactorily when he saw Carla sprawled across the seats. He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek.

Then he returned to his own seat and leaned against it as if dozing.

As they lay in their positions, Bonnie woke shortly afterwards.

Bonnie blinked several times and shook her groggy head. Shocked, she wondered, 'When did I suddenly fall asleep?'

Then she looked around for Carla and noticed her sprawled across the seat sleeping. 'Vulgar girl!' thought Bonnie resentfully.

Then she felt strong shoulders next to her, she looked across and noticed that she was still leaning on Terence. Just like she had been before she had dozed off. Terence had his eyes closed and looked to be sleeping.

After a short while, Terence opened his eyes and glanced at Bonnie saying, "You're awake."

He pretended to yawn and stretch as he sat up. He didn't sleep last night, thinking what he should do to protect Carla and carry on his plans, so he looked tired and exhausted. But to Bonnie, she just thought that he looked as if he had just woken up.

"Carla, wake up! We'll arrive soon!"

y taken the phone from her.

"With pleasure," Carla smile. Carla just took Bonnie's phone without hesitation. She climbed up a little bit and turned around to find the right angle.

She held the phone up towards them. "Terence, don't be so serious! Smile!"

Carla looked at Terence in the screen and reminded him.

Terence creased his eyebrows and stared at Carla sullenly. He managed to make a smile.

Bonnie was smiling sweetly and leaned on Terence with her head on his shoulder.

"Perfect! It's done."

Carla took two pictures of them and returned the cell phone to Bonnie.

Bonnie checked the pictures as soon as she got the phone. She looked satisfied and appreciated the photos for quite a while before she finally packed her phone away.

However, just as Bonnie had packed her phone away, Carla pulled hers out and gave it to Bonnie smiling wickedly.

"Could you also do me a favor, Miss Bonnie, The selfie stick is too short for a group picture, could you kindly take a picture of all of us, please?"

Bonnie's smile froze. Her expression changed suddenly. However, she couldn't refuse her request since Carla just took her photo.

She took Carla's phone reluctantly and Carla grabbed Terence's hand and dashed over to Nathan and Rainer.

Terence was surprised by Carla's behavior. She was such a cheeky girl! He could have hugged her right now for being so clever. She was learning fast.

Carla arranged the three of them to stand together, with Terence in between the two brothers and she stood in front of the three men because she was the shortest. The pictures of them made Carla look daintier and cuter.

"Miss Bonnie, you can take the picture of us now, we are ready. Thank you!"

As she said it, Carla stretched out her arms like a tiny bird and smiled at Bonnie.

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