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   Chapter 129 Why Weren't You Jealous

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Terence held Carla in his arms. After kissing her thoroughly a few more times, he released her from his embrace. "Let me sleep a bit longer, Carla. When we wake up, let's have some brunch and then set off," he said.

Carla said nothing.

She only let him hold her and kiss her because she did want him to take her out for some fresh air. However, she hadn't forgiven him yet. It would take some time before she could forgive him.

They slept for about an hour more.

After waking up, Terence took a shower and then ate something. Carla was becoming restless because he was taking too long to get ready.

If they couldn't leave by noon, they needed to putt off their trip until after lunch. They would definitely arrive at their destination late in the afternoon if they dally longer. They wouldn't have enough time to have fun!

Nathan and Rainer already loaded the car with the mountaineering essentials. They were holding the door open for them outside of the villa when Carla and Terence walked out.

Carla wore a pink sportswear and a white pair of sneakers. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail.

"Hurry up, please!" Carla shouted. When she turned around, she saw that Terence was just stepping out of the door.

Terence decided to wear a grey sportswear that matched hers perfectly. He also wore a pair of white sneakers.

However, the collar of his top had a vertical design to cover the long scratch on his neck.

He was wearing a charming smile when he stepped out of the house. When he saw that Carla was beckoning to him from inside the car, his smile broadened.

He strode quickly to the car.

What an impatient girl! It was obvious that she wanted to go already.

Carla was trying to get settled inside the car when she suddenly heard another car approaching from a far.

Carla looked up to see a white BMW approaching the Seaview Villa.

"Mr. Terence, it's Miss Bonnie's car,"

Rainer said as he walked up to Terence.

The white BMW stopped in front of them.

Bonnie, who was wearing a white sportswear, got off the BMW and ran up to Terence.

Bonnie was restless. She found it difficult to sleep last night. She was really anxious at the thought of Carla living with Terence.

Unlike her other brothers, her only way out of their family was Terence. Her happiness for the rest of her life depended on whether or not she could marry Terence. She was determined to mar

n small matters could upset great plans. She must endure whatever Bonnie would say from this moment on.

Besides, there was nothing else she could do. She couldn't just drag Bonnie away from Terence just to make her shut up, could she?

If she couldn't control her feelings and do something stupid, she could get both herself and Terence into trouble.

While Carla was listening to her music and browsing the news on her phone, Terence suddenly sat next to her. He lifted her chin with one finger and kissed her on the lips.


Her eyes widened immediately. Carla just stared at Terence who was kissing her violently. She wanted to say something but Terence had her tongue in his mouth.

What was happening? What was wrong with him? Bonnie was in the car with them!

After a while, she managed to free herself from his arms.

"Terence! Are you insane?" she shouted at him.

Terence was staring at her intently. He then decided to rub her red lips with his thumb. She gasped involuntarily. "Yes, I think I am insane. Your indifference drove me crazy!" he yelled.

How could she listen to music in this situation? It seemed as if she wasn't jealous at all!

When Terence released her, Carla immediately checked on Bonnie. She saw that Bonnie was sleeping in her seat.

"What happened to her? Why is she sleeping? What did you do to her?" Carla asked.

Why did she suddenly fell asleep?

Terence chuckled. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him gently.

"She was too noisy, so I put her to sleep. She was starting to irritate me,"

Terence answered coldly.

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