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   Chapter 128 I'm A Disobedient Girl

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Terence called Nathan and asked him to bring a cup of coffee. He looked up at Bryant through his long thick lashes.

"Of course I want to do that but I can't. You know nothing about the situation of the Hua family. Under the calm waters are the dark tides. It just seems like everything is going smoothly, but in reality, conflicts continue to spread and intensify. If we expose Carla's real identity this time, we would put her in danger," Terence expounded on the situation.

Hearing Terence's explanation, Bryant hesitated for a moment. He was an expert in searching for information but he had no idea about the complication of power struggle between warring families.

"But...that can't be true! Miss Carla is the only true biological daughter of the Hua family. Isn't she supposed to be the apple of their eyes? How could she be in danger?" Bryant curiously asked.

Terence just sneered and shook his head.

"Bryant, you don't understand. I know this kind of family very well. The Hua family adopted three sons. Aside from Bonnie, those three sons have already been fighting tooth and nail for the family inheritance. The mere presence of Carla, being the only true biological daughter would only make them unite to bring her down," Terence clarified.

With a large fortune in front of them, even biological siblings became enemies, what more would happen with family members who are not related by blood?

If Carla's true identity was made public at this moment, she would become everyone's target.

After hearing Terence's concerns, Bryant fully understood his reasons.

"How silly of me! If that's the case, Mr. Terence, you must take good care of Miss Carla and keep her away from the Hua family or she would be in danger!" Bryant concluded.

It was clear then that the situation was not just any small matter. The Hua family had such a huge wealth and influence that it wouldn't be surprising if people killed each other for it.

"You shouldn't worry about that. Carla is my future wife. Of course, I'll keep her safe," Terence confidently assured him. Terence called on Nathan—who was waiting at the door—to come in.

Then, he turned off the laptop and sat down on the sofa.

"Here's your coffee, Mr. Terence." Nathan placed the mug on the table and stood quietly behind him.

Having sat for too long, Terence started to feel pain on his back. He stretched his shoulders and placed his hand on the arm of the sofa, fingers tapping gently on it. "Nathan, you told me last time that Noah, the eldest son of the Hua family, tried to approach Carla. Is there any other thing about that encounter that seems significant?" Terence carefully asked Nathan.

Nathan thought for a moment before speaking,"we found out that Noah was the one who instructed the robbery. But we still don't know h

whenever he was asleep.

Knowing it was Carla, he relaxed and squinted his eyes.

Thanks to the accident in BH City six months ago, he was no longer careless and reckless.

Carla stopped and turned around. The man was still lying on his bed with his eyes still closed. "Well, I was just passing by. I was wondering why you didn't come down to have breakfast," Carla tried to make excuses.

Terence opened his narrow eyelids and looked at Carla. He gestured for her to come closer to him.

"...... Come and give me a hug," Terence pleaded with his low, husky voice.

Carla remained at the door. Eyes twinkling, she responded with a sly grin,"I'm a disobedient girl. Don't you know that?"

Moreover, considering what he had done behind her back, she would never obey his wishes.

He should be grateful that she came to check on him.

Hearing these words, Terence defeatedly retracted down his hands and rolled over to the other side of the bed. "Okay, never mind," Terence mumbled lazily. "I was considering taking you out for a hike. But since you're a disobedient girl, I don't think you'll go with me.

Such a pity that you'll miss the beautiful landscape! The verdant mountains, exquisite rocks, natural caves—there're eighteen of them! Let alone the scenery inside. What a feast for the eyes! Well, I suppose you can't go, right? What a shame!" Terence tempted her with his plans.

Hardly had his voice faded away when Terence heard a little pattering of feet behind his back.

Knowing she had fallen in his trap, he snickered.

Terence knew her quite well. She had a kind of wanderlust inside her. Having stayed at home for two days, she must be terribly bored. She wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to go out.

Unsurprisingly, she took the bait.

The moment Carla was near enough, he jumped up from the bed and wrapped her in his arms.

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