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   Chapter 127 Carla’s Background (Part Two)

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From then on, Miss Carla's father had been asking around about where he could adopt a child. As it happened, one of his villagers named Chandler Qian could help him. He ran an illegal business of buying and selling children. When her father had found out about his business, he told Chandler Qian that he didn't want to adopt a child that had been abducted. He preferred to adopt from a poor family, who had lots of children already and wanted to give one of their babies up for adoption willingly. The baby also had to be a girl.

During that time most people considered boys to be much more important than girls. So it was very easy for Chandler Qian to find a baby girl for him. Shortly after, Miss Carla's father, Gene Ji, adopted a baby girl. As you know that baby girl was Miss Carla.

It was winter time when he brought Miss Carla to his home. She had only been one month old. In order to hide the truth, the baby had to be very young. Gene Ji and Marian thought that it was best to leave their village and live somewhere far away, so as not to raise suspicion about their baby. This way everyone would believe that Miss Carla was their biological daughter. They left for several years. After all, when the child became older it would be difficult for people to tell exactly how old the child was."

Bryant stopped and coughed.

"Mr. Terence, please excuse me while I have a sip of tea. My throat is very dry and I'm far from finished."

Terence remained silent and he was lost in thought, 'No wonder Carla always thought that Gene Ji and Marian were her biological parents. It turns out that her father was very cautious and discreet. Even their own parents didn

ion that I just told you about. I easily found out that in the 80s, that ring belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Hua. But no one has ever seen it since then.

But now, the ring appears with Miss Carla. So there is no doubt that she is that baby girl that was left in the street all those years ago.

I am however confused, why Mr. and Mrs. Hua left their only daughter on the street so carelessly and yet adopted four other children afterward. What happened to them that year?"

questioned Bryant shrugging his shoulders. 'Who would know what runs through the wealthy people's heads?' thought Bryant.

"Several years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Hua discreetly sent their people out to search for Miss Carla, why would they do that?" said Bryant confused.

Seeing that Terence was not responding and remained quiet, he added, "Well, Mr. Terence, how about sending Miss Carla back to Mr. and Mrs. Hua? If their biological daughter returned home, then their adopted daughter, Bonnie, would certainly feel threatened and become as meek as a lamb. And you can finally marry Miss Carla. That's a wonderful bonus. What do you think?"

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