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   Chapter 126 Carla’s Background (Part One)

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Terence furrowed his brows looking at Carla and then a smile appeared on his handsome face. Before Carla burst into tears, he held her in his arms. "You belong to me and only me. Since we will be getting married in the near future, I think it's okay for me to see you naked. I'll see it sooner or later anyway. Don't you think so?" Terence said to justify his wickedness.

But Carla didn't feel any comfort from his words. She was so angry that she could hardly speak. "Terence, you're such a horrible man! You don't have a sense of any boundaries, do you?" she sobbed.

"Yes, I do. But there is no limit to what's acceptable with you. Because you are my bottom line,"

Terence whispered as he held her tighter in his arms. When he was with Carla he felt totally at ease. He could truly be himself without worrying about his appearance or how he composed himself.

Everyone had their limits where they would draw the line.

As for Terence, the line that he would not cross was Carla. She was very important to him.

"Well, really? You are becoming better and better at flattery," mocked Carla trying to free herself out of his arms but failed.

Terence wouldn't let her go. He kissed her tears away and then looked her in the eyes. "Carla, I'm serious. I'm not just saying those words to make fun of you. I love you. I love everything about you. I love to see you naked and I will never tire of that. I watched your beautiful body the whole night, yet I am still hungry for more. To be honest, you're the first woman who has made me feel this way."

Even though Terence was giving her a compliment and was trying to make her feel better, Carla only felt angrier and more embarrassed.

attention to it. He leaned back against his chair and asked, "Let's cut to the chase. Have you found anything out about Carla's background?"

Bryant stopped clowning around and suddenly became serious.

"I did find something out, but it's going to take a long time to explain it all to you, Mr. Terence. So you will have to be patient with me."

He knew that Terence liked to get the information as quickly as possible with only the key points. But what Bryant had found out was a complicated story that needed to be told from the start to the end, with no short cuts.

"Okay, I got it. So cut the crap and start your story now,"

urged Terence with raised eyebrows as he spun his pen twice.

After clearing his throat, Bryant began, "It all started about twenty years ago. When Miss Carla's parents got married they found out that Marian, Miss Carla's mother couldn't have children of her own. Miss Carla's father loved his wife very much and couldn't bear the thought of divorcing his wife because of that. So they both decided to keep the secret to themselves and not tell anyone, including their elders about it.

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