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   Chapter 125 Being Caught Peeping (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5591

Updated: 2019-06-15 05:44

As luck would have it, Carla was able to find the perfect hiding spot, a drawer which was almost empty. There was only one tablet PC in it. So Carla took it out and put the rings in there.

It would be dangerous to keep $60 million worth of rings around her. If he truly wanted to give a ring to her, she could just choose to pick one from the lot.

After putting them away safely and cautiously, Carla heaved a lengthy and heavy sigh. Picking up the tablet PC and playing around with it, she knew all of Terence's passwords from when she last stayed at the villa and she was able to easily log in.

She had always been fond of rummaging around. She was much more keen to rummage compared to most women. No matter how hard you tried to hide something from her, she was always bound to find it.

She could do that with just a glimpse.

However, this one particular glimpse brought the problem.

Accidents were always bound to happen.

She fumbled around with the tablet until a window accidentally opened. She immediately closed it regretfully. If she opened way too many windows she might get caught.

However, after she closed it, she started to wonder.

"Something doesn't seem right. Why do I feel like I've seen those photos somewhere?"

She cautiously clicked the window once again and dug around. She couldn't believe what she was seeing! The more she looked, the angrier she got. It pissed her off so much that she angrily threw the tablet PC on the bed.

"Terence! You shameless asshole! You're such a piece of shit!

I wish I had known! I was so blind to like someone as disgusting as you! What a pervert!" Who would have known that you were a

nk that he would ever get caught. Now he wished he could reverse time.

He didn't expect that Carla would be that good at digging around.

"Oh, really? You haven't seen anything, huh?" Carla sighed angrily, her breathing extremely ragged from anger. She gritted her words in between her teeth. "I change clothes in my room. I sleep naked in my room. And you're telling me that you haven't seen that. How stupid do you think I am?"

Terence couldn't speak.

He knew that if he continued to talk, he would only try to cover up his lies.

He knew about her sleeping naked because he had seen it. He had seen it and he didn't take his eyes away from the screen.

"What? Cat got your tongue? You're going to think of some fucking lie again, you fucking asshole?"

Carla's anger was seething. Terence took a step back from fear. She was so furious with him that he could almost feel her heat.

"I-I'm sorry. Yes. You're right. I saw everything."

Terence admitted quietly, embarrassed and ashamed.

It would just be much better to tell her the truth and pay for his actions than to keep lying to her.

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