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   Chapter 124 Being Caught Peeping (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5923

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After Terence was finally done eating, he wiped his mouth elegantly and then immediately grabbed the phone from his hand.

"Dad, how are you doing? Have you eaten dinner yet?"

Upon hearing him and finding out that he still had the mood to say those words, Edmund snorted. "Terence, don't you think you are being too impulsive?

You just went ahead and took the girl and her brother to stay in the villa again? Are you out of your mind? What do you expect Bonnie to think?"

Bonnie came back with an awful face and he asked her and soon knew what happened.

"Bonnie told you about it? Dad, Grandpa has always taught me that one should always be grateful for the things other people have done for you. Bonnie harassed Carla and even her younger brother so terribly in my name. I am only doing this to try to redeem myself after what Bonnie did to them,"

Terence said calmly in a matter-of-fact manner as he had expected him to call. It came a little bit sooner than he thought, however.

"Terence, let me tell you this. You're nowhere near as composed and prudent as your elder brother is. Unlike you, he always looks at the bigger picture and never acts on an impulse." Edmund thought of his other son who was still back in NF City. If it weren't for Terence's grandfather objecting his decision, he would've loved for him to just come back home.

"You're right. We both know that deep down inside your heart, I won't ever be good enough for you—let alone be as good as Marcus. If you've got nothing else to say, I have to go now," Terence remarked, his eyes looking so soulless and devoid of hope for his father.

Even after the committing the unforgivable sin of trying to kill his own brother, Edmund still vehemently took Marcus's side.

Had there no

his hand, Terence told him that it won't be necessary, causing Rainer to immediately stop in his tracks and refrain from following him any longer.

When Terence finally got to the third floor, it was just as he had feared it would be.

There was only one wall separating Terence's room and hers. Aside from Carla, there's no one else he'd ever allow to freely enter his room.

Minding his own business, Sean was simply doing his homework in his own room. Since there was no one for her to hang out with, Carla began feeling bored, and so, she decided to drop by Terence's room. The last time she came to the villa, she had stayed in his room, so she was already quite familiar with it.

But there was something else she had in mind. She had actually brought a drawerful of diamond rings from her apartment and wanted to somehow secretly stuff them back in his room without anyone noticing.

Above all else, she badly needed to look for a place safe enough to hide so many rings.

She rarely stayed there in the villa. So, if she carelessly decided to hide them somewhere in her room, by the time she left, the maid might accidentally find them while cleaning the room.

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