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   Chapter 123 The Crafty Couple

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With these words Terence sat down and crossed his legs. He stared at Bonnie with a sullen face. There wasn't a hint of a smile on his handsome face.

"Carla, I know Sean's suffering was torture for you. But Bonnie didn't mean to do it, as she said. And she wasn't aware that you had saved my life.

For my sake, just allow Bonnie to serve you a cup of tea as a humble apology and let bygones be bygones. What do you say?"

On the surface, it appeared that Terence was on Bonnie's side. But Carla knew that he was rooting for her. A nice hard punch to Bonnie's face would have been much more satisfying for Carla, but, she had to make do with a cup of tea as an apology instead.

But would Bonnie be willing to do that?

A cold and subtle smile appeared on Carla's face. "Oh, will she? But I'm afraid that Miss Bonnie's dignity may not allow her to apologize to a nobody like me?"

At her words, Terence smiled in silence casting expectant eyes to Bonnie.

Bonnie gave a slight cough. She stood up picked up a cup of freshly poured tea and walked to Carla.

"Miss Carla, it was all my fault. You saved Terence, so you are also my savior. This cup of tea is an apology. I would appreciate it if you could forgive me and accept it."

With these words, Bonnie bowed and held the teacup to Carla.

Carla raised her eyes from Bonnie to Terence, who was watching her with a warm smile on his face.

She was in no hurry to take the teacup. Compared to what Sean had suffered, holding a teacup for a while was nothing. Bonnie deserved it.

It was not until Bonnie's arms started trembling that Carla took the cup from her hands slowly.

"Since you have shown your sincerity, I forgive you," Carla said in a tolerant and generous tone.

Standing in the corner, Rainer lowered his head in silence.

He wanted to correct what he had just said. Miss Carla was just as devious as Mr. Terence. They were very suited to each other.

Bonnie took a deep breath. Her eyes were filled with hatred and resentment. No matter how much she hated Carla, she would have to endure this indignity for the moment.

Bonnie stretched her back slightly and glided over to Terence. "Terence, I feel tired. You will let me stay here tonight, won't you?"

Bonnie said in a cutesy manner as she sat beside him and gazed at him with pouty lips.

Now that she had made an apology, as Terence's fiancee she was supposed to be allowed to do what she wanted.

Terence looked away ignoring her. He simply patted Bonnie's hand and said, "Don't be so childish, Bonnie. Carla and Sean have just move

up. He even thought his injuries were a blessing in disguise.

Had he not been injured, Terence wouldn't have insisted on bringing Carla and him to live with him.

Nathan had told him that Carla refused firmly when Terence raised the idea.

But in the end, Terence gave up on asking and used another method of persuasion. He threw Carla over his shoulder and carried her like that downstairs. Later on he asked the servants to pack her things up and bring them to the house. That was how Carla moved into Terence's house.

Ha—Ha! Terence was quite a man!

"Wow! This mousse cake is so delicious! Carla, it's much better than the cheapie made in the bakery near our apartment."

Gobbling down the cake, Sean was full of praise. "Yummy! It's so sweet!"

"Oh Sean, look at you. Mind your table manners. If you were somewhere else, people would laugh at you." Carla chuckled and wiped the crumbs from his mouth with a napkin.

Sean grinned flashed his straight pearly white teeth. "I'm not afraid of being laughed at. And you know what Carla? I'm going to make a fortune in the future and buy you the most expensive cakes and a beautiful house for you."

Terence, who was having his dinner sitting beside them tapped Sean's plate with his spoon.

"Sean, all you have to do is to work hard and provide a good life for your future wife. As for your sister I'll take care of her. You don't have to worry about that."

Terence filled a bowl of delicious mushroom soup and passed it to Carla.

Carla enjoyed Chinese food so he told the cook to prepare all kinds of Chinese food for her.

When they had finished dinner, Rainer approached them.

"Mr. Terence, there's a phone call for you. It's your father."

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