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   Chapter 122 Terence Is Devious

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At the entrance of Terence's villa, Nathan and Rainer were helping Carla carry her things to her designated bedroom. Carla took her time to look at the two of them, then on the villa. It had been a long time since the last time she was there. She sighed and turned to look at Terence.

From the moment they left the apartment to the time they arrived at the villa, Carla kept asking him again and again, "Before I get out of the car, I'm saying this for the last time. Have you really thought this through? Do you really want me and my brother to live with you in your house?"

With one arm on her shoulder, Terence replied to her again as they walked towards the villa, "Of course, I have mentioned many times that this is my home. And in the near future, after we get married, it will become our home. You will become the hostess of this house. So, you don't have to live in that small apartment anymore."

Carla became silent for a short while, and then she pointed out, "But it's far from Sean's school. He has to get up thirty minutes earlier than before."

"If he's going to give up thirty minutes of sleep so he can live in a better house, I believe he'll be okay with that," Terence assured her. After entering the villa, he asked his maid to prepare a drink for Carla and bring it upstairs.

Carla didn't say anything. She thought, 'He's putting me at risk little by little. Because if he's kind to me, other women will become jealous which puts me be in a dangerous position.'

Carla's bedroom was between Terence's and Sean's. This time, he didn't force her to sleep in his bedroom. Perhaps, it was because he knew that this time, Carla would live in the house for a long time.

While Carla was still cleaning her bedroom, someone knocked on the door. After she called out, "Come in," the door opened to reveal Rainer.

He turned to Terence and stated, "Mr. Terence, Miss Bonnie is on her way here. Her car will arrive at the villa's area in five minutes."

At that time, Terence was helping Carla hang up her clothes. Upon hearing what Rainer had just said, he turned to look at him.

He whispered to himself, "What is she doing here?"

He closed the cupboard door and rolled down his sleeves. He then turned to Carla and told her, "Carla, you don't have to hide in your bedroom. You have the freedom to roam around in this house."

With a scornful laugh, Carla asked, "Really? Are you sure that I don't have to hide in the rooftop?"

Terence raised his eyebrows at Carla and walked towards her to pinch her chin playfully. Then he responded, "Of course you don't have to. There's no need to be afraid.

But I'm going to announce to the public that you're the one who saved my life in BH City. My elders had always taught me to give back when someone helps me. Therefore, it's only appropriate for you to live here.

In that case, even though my father doesn't approve of it, there's nothin

won't you?"

Terence asked with raised eyebrows as he took a sip of his coffee and leaned on the sofa once again.

In fact, she didn't have any right to say 'no'. She wavered that off the moment she ordered her people to look into Carla.

Bonnie removed the disbelief on her face and forced a smile.

She responded, "Well, I can't agree more. We should look after them. I'm the one who should be blamed for his injury. What's more, they saved your life six months ago. We're supposed to do something for them."

Terence nodded his head and addressed Rainer who was standing beside them, "Rainer, go upstairs and invite Miss Carla here. Tell her that there's no need to be mad anymore. And ... tell her that Bonnie wants to meet with her to apologize."

Rainer nodded his head and started to walk towards Carla's bedroom.

He thought to himself, 'Mr. Terence is becoming more and more devious.

Not only did he bring his loved one—Miss Carla—at home to live with him, but he's also forcing Miss Bonnie to apologize to her in an ingenious way. Although she's very angry with what Mr. Terence has done for Miss Carla and her brother, there's nothing she can do.

I'm sure that what happened today will make her blood boil.'

A moment later, Carla was walking downstairs.

It was unexpected that Terence didn't ask her to hide in her bedroom this time. Instead, he was asking her to meet people.

"Carla, come here," Terence acknowledged her as soon as he saw her.

Seeing that Carla was close to the end of the stairs, Terence placed his coffee on the table and stood up to greet her.

His attitude towards Carla made Bonnie subconsciously clench her fist.

When she saw Bonnie sitting on the sofa, Carla became a little nervous. After all, Bonnie was Terence's fiancee.

Terence took Carla by the wrist and asked her to sit on the sofa. Then he turned around and shouted, "Leilani, serve a cup of tea for Miss Carla."

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