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   Chapter 120 It Was All Your Fault!

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Terence's eyebrows rose into a perfect furrow. He figured out the whole story in a moment's pause.

It was Bonnie who was responsible for everything.

Bonnie wanted to retaliate against Carla, and she found out that Carla had a brother, Sean. She didn't have any connection at Sean's school, so she arranged a plot to set Sean up in the name of Terence.

Suddenly Carla broke away from Terence's embrace and shoved him away.

She was trembling with rage, staring at him with tears flowing from reddened eyes.

Now, she had known it all.

Even though it seemed that she was the winner yesterday, her little brother suffered its consequence today.

To make matters worse, Bonnie was aware that Carla didn't have a strong background or influence in JA City. Hence, she obviously just took advantage of her fiancé's influence to hurt Sean!

Regardless of whether Terence knew it or not, he was the origin of the chaos.

Sean glanced at Terence and Carla, seemingly unaware of what had just happened between them. He looked innocent and naive as usual. Why was his sister so furious?

"Mr. Cameron, will I be dismissed and sent to BH city?

I swear I didn't hurt anyone! I just helped the younger pupil get up when I saw him falling to the ground. I didn't hurt him! Will I be dismissed for helping someone?"

Sean asked abruptly after a long, awkward silence. This was what concerned him the most.

He considered himself as a man even though he was still a child. Hence, he didn't want to be mistaken as a bully. Moreover, the education quality in this school was very good, and he didn't want to ruin the opportunity because of a single mistake.

He wanted to grasp the opportunity of a better education desperately for the sake of his future.

His innocent remarks went through as a stab to Carla's heart. He didn't deserve this!

"Sean, it doesn't matter. We don't have to stay here! We can go to other schools! Let's return to BH city, okay? At least nobody will bully us there!" Carla tried to comfort him. She wiped away her tears and left the office with Sean as she gave Terence a cold glare.

After they left, Terence stared at Cameron with eyes that depicted burning fury.

"Who told you about this plan? Show me the CCTV footage NOW! And, find out all the students who beat Sean. Publish an announcement that mentions their misbehavior and dismiss all of them!

Nobody shall lay a finger on Sean, not even my father! Do you understand?

And the last one, you. You are such a mean rat. How can you be a teacher and teach these innocent children?" Terence snapped.

Cameron was literally bathing in sweat as he heard Terence scolding him. He kept bowing and nodding as he replied, "Yes! Yes! Mr. Terence, I'll do a

oot, or perhaps even his life, the next time?

"Bonnie has shown me how merciless and cruel she could be by hurting a young child. Undoubtedly, she is capable of doing anything to me and my family!"

As words kept coming out of her mouth, Carla couldn't help shedding tears. She sneered, "Terence, I didn't realize how reckless and stupid I was, until this moment.

It turns out that my instinct was right all this while. I should stay away from you! See, whenever I get close to you, I'll get in trouble!"

Carla lowered her head and wiped her tears using the back of her palm. She trembled as she continued, "Terence, I give up not because I'm not perseverant or brave enough.

I give up because I can't take this risk! I don't have any influence or power, which means anyone here can bully me!

I know you like me, and I admit that... I like you even more. But it doesn't change anything! I'm vulnerable and so is Sean. I've to take utmost priority to our safety."

Carla complained, feeling the tears running down her cheeks. "You treat me so well. You are gentle and kind. Moreover, you are handsome and rich. Any girl in my position would fall in love with you!

It is no surprise that I love you."

She stopped abruptly. She couldn't find any more strength inside her to continue. She had gone numb with pain, both physical and emotional.

Terence frowned and stared at her. Tears started to gather in his eyes.

He didn't dare to touch her right now, fearing that she was too fragile to bear it. He was unsure of how she'd react.

"Terence, my life can't stand any risks like this, nor can Sean's. So... Sorry, I can't continue this relationship!"

Carla looked up and said, as though knocking a final nail on to the coffin.

She stared at him through her teary eyes and her voice trailed, in unbearable pain.

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