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   Chapter 119 Who Used My Name For This Dirty Deed (Part Two)

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"Why was your brother beaten?

Why don't you ask your brother how he bullied the junior student?" Cameron said without regard as he raised his teacup and blew on it.

After hearing what Cameron had said and the way he casually said it, Carla could feel her pressure rising. She raised her chin defiantly and sneered, "Oh? You said that my brother bullied the junior student. Then show me the evidence. Is he also black and blue like my brother here? Please, call the junior student and the seniors that beat my brother to the office now. I'll ask them myself how my brother bullied the junior student.

If the bullied student has bruises all over him like Sean does then I'll take him to the hospital myself and pay for all of his medical expenses. If Sean did bully and hurt him then it will be my responsibility to answer for it.

That being said, those students who beat my brother must also be held accountable for what they did!"

'Why was Sean beaten for no reason and charged with an unwarranted imputation?'

Cameron blew the tea again and had a slow sip. He then looked up at Carla and ridiculed, "You have such a trashy tongue, my dear!

I can tell you now that it will be impossible for you to interrogate my students.

However, I can give you a little advice.

You should think twice before offending some bigwigs next time."

Cameron had given her a hint that Sean was deliberately targeted and framed.

He casually put his teacup down and pulled out 'a notice of expulsion' from the drawer and lay it on the table before her. "Sean has been expelled from our highly reputable school. We do not tolerate that sort of behavior. So, my dear, j

e scrambled to get back up he stammered nervously, "Mr. Ter- Terence, why did you come in person?"

When Carla heard what Cameron said she stared furiously at Terence. To her it was now obvious that Cameron had been ordered by Terence previously to do this terrible deed. She looked wildly around the room and spotted a world globe on the desk. She quickly grabbed it and smashed it against Terence.

But Terence was prepared for it this time and blocked it out of the way. He grabbed Carla by the hands and held her while he looked her straight in the eyes and said, "Carla! I never ordered him to do anything. Calm down! Let me find out who did."

Then he turned with daggers in his eyes and looked at Cameron.

"You had better tell me exactly what the hell happened right now! Why is my name involved in this?" 'Who used my name to do this despicable deed and try to drive Sean out of JA City?'

Cameron stood against the table. He rubbed his side gingerly. "Mr. Terence, didn't you send your subordinate to tell me that Sean must be driven back to BH City?

That's why this whole incident was organized."

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