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   Chapter 118 Who Used My Name For This Dirty Deed (Part One)

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Terence didn't ask any more questions. As soon as he hung up the phone he ran out the door of the mansion.

"Rainer, tell my father that I have something very urgent to attend to. I'm leaving now!"

As he called out, he saw the Lamborghini sports car parked outside. Initially he was going take that thinking it would be the fastest car to get to Carla and Sean. But then a thought crossed his mind. He quickly jumped into the Maybach that was parked next to it instead.

The sports car could only carry two people, so Terence decided to take the other one which had more room.

Nathan had sharp eyes. When he saw Terence running out in a hurry, he immediately drove another car and followed Terence without asking.

Terence drove as fast as he could all the way and pulled up in front of Carla's apartment.

He ran up the stairs and Nathan quickly followed.

When Terence saw Sean's little face had been beaten black and blue he flew into a rage and almost kicked the table over in anger. "How could this happen? Sean, tell me who beat you so badly? Don't be afraid. I'll back you up and help you get revenge right away!"

When Sean saw his hero Terence, he thought of Terence as a knight in shining armor. He had been crying so bitterly and was so sad and swollen that he couldn't speak at all.

Nathan was also distressed when he saw the little boy's face so badly beaten. He went to Sean and consoled him softly. Then he advised Terence and Carla in a calm low voice, "Mr. Terence, Miss Carla, please try and calm down. It's very late now. Even if we can get in touch with the school the students have all returned home and are probably in bed by now. Besides, Sean needs to be seen by a doctor now. I'll contact the school tomorrow morning and find out the truth."

Carla thought it through and agreed with Nathan. "Nathan is right. We should find out the fact first before we do anything. If the school director believes that it'

ere too young to be Sean's parents. "You're not Sean's parents, are you?"

"No, I'm his sister," Carla said as she put a hand on Sean's shoulder.

Sean stood between Carla and Terence.

"You're his sister? Why didn't your parents come? Where are your parents?" Cameron asked as he sat casually on the chair and crossed his legs looking down at Carla from his glasses.

"Our parents had passed away a long time ago, Mr. Cameron. I'm Sean's guardian. I'm here to ask you why my brother was beaten up like that yesterday?

And why wasn't I notified about it as soon as it had happened?"

Usually, if children were involved in a fight at the school, their parents were notified of it immediately. However, Carla didn't know anything about it until Sean had come home with bruises. It was highly unusual.

Carla put her arm around Sean's shoulders and stepped closer to question the director about the incident.

Terence remained in the background careful not to draw any attention to himself. He was still waiting for the right moment to expose who he was.

He thought he had made the right decision to stop Nathan from calling the school beforehand. Otherwise, the director would have put his guard up and Terence would never have known that the director should treat Carla so rudely.

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