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   Chapter 117 What Happened To Your Face

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Changdu Characters: 9995

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In a hospital of JA City, Bonnie was standing outside the ward shifting impatiently from one leg to the other. She murmured, "Where's Terence? Why hasn't he come yet?"

Sometime later— Terence still hadn't made an appearance.

"Miss Bonnie, I've found something out for you,"

said Burton Wang striding up to her in the corridor. Burton Wang had been working for the Huas for many years. He was one of the people from her inner circle that she trusted to find important information for her. Bonnie had asked him to find some information about the woman who had spilled chili oil on her face.

"Come in,"

Bonnie said as she gestured for Burton Wang to enter her room. She took one last look down the corridor to see if she might catch sight of Terence before she went back to the ward. But she was left feeling extremely disappointed.

"Tell me what have you learned about her?" Bonnie sat on the hospital bed and picked up a hand mirror. She looked at her eyes and was pleased to see that the swelling had gone down a little. It made her blood boil when she thought about what happened at the restaurant yesterday and her anger flared again.

"The woman's name is Carla Ji. She is twenty-three years old and she has ten-year-old brother. They live in BH City. The reason why they are here is that her brother was chosen to study in a school of JA City because of his good grades,"

Burton Wang spoke in a hushed tone as he handed the file to Bonnie.

She took the file and read over them for a moment.

Bonnie paid little attention to the quarrel in her family but either way, she was sure that there was no possibility for her to get even a penny from her brothers. Hence, she didn't know what was going on.

Another thing that she didn't know was that Noah already had his eyes on Carla and her brother.

When she saw the photo of Carla and her brother together her brows furrowed slightly.

"It turns out that this country bumpkin is a nobody from BH City. How dare she lay a finger on me! Have you done a background check on her yet?"

Bonnie asked again.

'Why is she so arrogant? She must have someone powerful on her side to give her that sort of confidence, ' thought Bonnie.

"I'm sorry Miss Bonnie. I'm not sure about her background. If I paid another visit to BH City now, it would use up too much time. At present that's all the information that I have on her for now," Burton Wang answered truthfully. His ability was limited and it wasn't easy for him to get that sort of information anyway.

Bonnie threw the files angrily onto the table. Then she scoffed with exasperation, "Burton Wang, go to the school that her brother is attending and arrange for something to happen so that her brother is expelled from the school. I don't care what you do I want them out of JA City.

If her brother is expelled from the school then they have no reason to stay here any longer."

Burton Wang hesitated for a moment in thought and then sa

cine and tended to his cuts she was still very worried about his injuries. She thought it would be best that a doctor did an examination to make sure that he didn't have any broken bones or any brain swelling.

"Hello! Where are you now?"

Carla left Sean's bedroom and called Terence on the cellphone.

Terence didn't stay with Carla tonight because Bonnie had asked him to have dinner at home. After dinner, his father asked him to stay a little longer. So he decided to spend the night there.

"I'm at my father's home. What's the matter? Don't tell me that you still want to return the rings. Since I have sent them to you I won't take them back," said Terence walking to the yard with the phone in his hand.

"No, it's not about that. Are you available? Can you come here? I need your help."

Right now Carla was in no mood to talk about the rings with him. She was filled with white-hot rage. And she was terribly worried about her little brother hoping that everything would be all right.

"Do you want me to come there now?"

Terence asked glancing at his watch. Just a few minutes ago his father asked to play a few rounds of chess with him.

"Just tell me whether you can come here or not!"

Carla was direct with him because she was in a hurry to take Sean to the hospital and it was too hard to explain it all on the phone to Terence.

"Carla what happened?" Terence sensed that something had happened by the tone in her voice. Although he didn't know what had happened, yet in his mind, he was already thinking of a reason to tell his father why he had to leave.

Tears welled in her eyes and she sobbed.

Through clenched teeth she said, "Sean was beaten up by some senior students in his school. I am worried about him and want to take him to a hospital.

I'm not familiar with JA City and don't know any doctor in the hospital. So I had no choice but to ask you for help."

Terence stopped in his tracks and said, "I'll be there in a second!"

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