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   Chapter 116 Give You A Drawerful Of Diamond Rings

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After hearing Carla's words, Terence felt amused as he ended up laughing. Then he turned to stare at Carla who seemed to be a little shy at that moment.

"It is you who trained me to be thick-skinned. You can also ask others to check whether I've chased other women before?"

It was the first time that he had chased a woman, but he was often annoyed by her. Even though he tried to do a lot of things to please her, he was always ignored by her. He had pursued her for almost half a year. Despite that, he didn't even get a chance to make love to her.

At last, they could finally start to be in a steady relationship. They might still have to face many difficulties and have the hard time to go through in the future.

However, Terence wasn't frightened or terrified by the future. He was indeed excited about it.

Thinking of the future which he would lead a happy life with Carla, he was full of hope and strength.

"You are a man of noble birth and have been being admired by others ever since you were a child. Hence, the girls you like may have surely shown their affection for you willingly and you didn't have to chase any of them, of course,"

Carla responded, casually casting an annoyed glance at the ring on Terence's slender middle finger.

The ring was designed for men, with a diamond inserted in the wider area of the ring. The diamond appeared to be sparkling under the light.

To Carla's surprise, Terence's ring looked somewhat similar to the ring which Bonnie wore.

Carla dropped her gaze, pretending not to notice that. Since Terence had been engaged to Bonnie, it was fine for them to wear the rings designed in the same style.

Instinctively, Carla stretched her right hand to touch her left hand without any ring on it. Then she stood up from the sofa and said, "It's getting late. I have to go back to my room to sleep."

"Why do you have to go to bed so early?" Seeing Carla suddenly stand up and make her way to the bedroom, Terence felt confused, wondering why Carla, who looked so energetic until now, got exhausted all of sudden.

After having turned off the TV, Terence also stood up, following her into the bedroom.

Carla just lay down on the bed. She yawned, changed to a comfortable sleeping posture and then pulled the quilt to cover herself. "If you want to stay here, you can sleep on the sofa. After all, you've gotten used to sleeping on it," she blurted out.

Having noticed a visible change in her tone, Terence got faintly suspicious, raising his eyebrows slightly.

After staying by the bedside and staring at her for a while, Terence tried to recall and figure out what had happened within just a few minutes that made Carla annoyed to this extent.

Suddenly, he remembered that her gaze was glued to his hand a while ago.

Seeming to realize something, Terence touched his head and glanced at the ring on his fin

hese rings right now!" she roared over the phone.

Did Terence take the drawer to be a safe box?

She didn't say anything about his ring last night and didn't even complain about anything at all, but why was he so crazy to buy these many rings?

Terence was surprised to hear Carla yell at him. He had assumed this move would win him her heart in a single stroke. He rubbed his ear and said, "Carla, I've given you these rings, so it is not appropriate for me to take them back from you. If you like them, you can keep them; if you don't like them, you can dispose of them in any way you like.

I have to go to the office later, so I need to hang up the phone now. Contact me if you need any help."

After he finished speaking, Terence hung up the phone.


Noticing that Terence ended the phone call, Carla got furious and threw the phone on the bed. Then she stared towards the shiny rings in the drawer.

After a while, she brushed her hair, took a deep breath and picked up her phone again to search for the diamond rings on the Internet. At last she cast a good glance at those diamond rings.

Her hands even began to tremble faintly.

She had never seen so many expensive rings before all at once and had no idea of how much each of them cost him.

She briefly calculated the total price of those rings and was surprised to know that it was worth about 60 million. Besides, the price of those diamond rings varied according to the different shapes and processing of diamonds. Even if Carla had only roughly calculated the price, the total price astonished her.

Generally having one diamond would be a miracle for an ordinary person in the whole life.

However, Terence, who hadn't gifted her any diamond before, chose to gift her a drawerful of diamond rings all at once!

Even if she decided to put those rings on all her fingers and toes, there would still be many rings remaining!

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