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   Chapter 114 How Did You Come In ! (Part Two)

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"You should take some rest so that your wounds can heal up faster. I consulted with your doctor and he told me that you still need to be under observation for at least one more day. If you're feeling better by tomorrow, then maybe you can get discharged from the hospital. For now, please take a good night's rest. I'll be heading out first!"

Terence informed her as he grabbed her hands and took them off of him.

Bonnie desperately wanted to pull him back closer, but she decided it would be best if she didn't. That man didn't like to be bound tightly by anyone and she knew that full well.

"... Well, would you be back tomorrow to come and pick me up?" Bonnie softly said, lowering her head and looking so down.

"I'm not sure yet. I'll see. If I have the time, I'll come over tomorrow and fetch you myself. But in case I don't, I'll have Nathan come by," Terence answered in a deadpan tone, looking her in the eyes.

Bonnie didn't say a word, but she just bobbed her head gently.

Listening to sound of his footsteps growing softer, Bonnie carefully went back to her sick bed feeling so miserable and helpless.

There was just no way she'd let it slip. She had to find out no matter what who the woman who smeared chili oil all over her face today was. No chance in hell she'd let her off lightly!


Carla went back to her apartment carrying a large bag of groceries on her hand. It was currently four o'clock in the afternoon, which meant Sean would be coming home from school in just about an hour.

She headed straight toward the kitchen to store the perishable goods in the refrigerator, and then she proceeded to wash the fruits and put them on the table.

After that, she went ahead and washed the rice, and placed it on the rice cooker.

Sean was steadily getting bigger, so he usually shouted "Hungry" as soon as he got back home from school. So, basically, what Carla usually did was to prepare the meals early so that by the time Sean arrived, the food would be just the right temperature for him and he could go ahead and eat immediately.

After she was done preparing the food

oked into the wardrobe and she saw that he filled it with clothes that would be just perfect for this season. With just a single glance, she could tell there were more than 20 sets of different clothes which filled the whole wardrobe.

Would it really be alright to still call that "some"?

"You don't have to look like that. Please don't act surprised. As my future wife, you only deserve the best treatment possible, so it would be best for to learn to get used to it little by little." Terence explained as he was looking at her after hanging up the clothes and closing the wardrobe.

The words were already at the tip of her tongue, but she instantly swallowed them. Holding the nightgown in her hands, she was getting ready to walk over to Sean's room to get changed.

"Why do you have to go to Sean's room? What for?"

Terence asked, suddenly grabbing her hands and closing the door, and then looking at his expensive-looking brown wristwatch, he remarked "There's still twenty minutes before Sean leaves school, so there's plenty of time for you to change."

"I'm aware of that, so I'm gonna go to Sean's room to change quickly!"

Carla retorted, looking a bit confused.

But he grinned and crossed his arms on his chest, leaning back against the door and looking at her as he let out a cunning smile.

"You can just go ahead and change here. There's no need for you to go anywhere else!"

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