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   Chapter 113 How Did You Come In ! (Part One)

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Terence gazed upon himself along with everything else around him and smiled, feeling quite proud of himself and pulling over a thin Durham quilt to cover himself up. And then he laid right next to her and whispered closely to her ear, "You've been writing me off for so long, so I can't help but fall even more in love when there's a beauty right here by my side."

Carla didn't bother humoring him with a response. All she did was to gently bury her head into Terence's arms and pull the quilt over to herself as well, closing her eyes and snuggling into his arms to take a nap without a care in the world.

She had slept for more than an hour after that. When she finally woke up, Terence wasn't by her side anymore and had already gone.

She quickly scrambled for her mobile phone to check it, and found a single unread message.

"I'm sorry I left without saying a word. You looked so beautiful in your sleep that I didn't want to disturb you. I have to visit the hospital first, and then I'll just come over to see you and Sean later in the evening."

It was a message sent by Terence after he left.

Carla lay sprawled out on the bed, looking at this message, and even though she didn't really want to, she let a soft smile slip into her face.

Today, he answered Bonnie's call while he was in her presence, indicating that he did not intend to hide anything regarding his affair with Bonnie. He didn't seem to mind even if Carla was listening to their conversation.

Actually, Terence ?didn't bother to hide anything from her.

The bond between Bonnie and Terence was only driven by commercial interest, solely for financial gains. So, Terence didn't really feel anything for his so-called fiancee. It was nothing personal, strictly just business.

And it wasn't like there was anything he had to hide about the work that they do.

In the Hospital.

Due to the burns she received from the chili oil that got smeared onto her face, Bonnie's eyes had to be covered with eye patches, under which the medicine for immediate relief had been applied. The doctor advised her not to take it off until the wounds have fully healed.

"Terence, Terence, are you here? Answer me please."

Bonnie wanted to quickly rip the ey

was who grew up at the mercy of other people in the orphanage.

With all of those thoughts running in circles in her mind, Bonnie held Terence in her arms tighter, much tighter.

He was the only person she knew she could count on, and the fate of her future could be at stake. Since she was just adopted, she wasn't technically a true biological daughter of the Huas, so she could only think of one way for her to secure a good future for herself, and that was to get into the An family by marrying Terence.

She had three other brothers that also got taken in by the Huas along with her—first, her eldest brother, Noah; her second elder brother, York; and third, the youngest among her other brothers, Triston—and all three of them were alarmingly ruthless and unforgiving. They might be known by everyone else as the children of Mr. and Mrs. Hua, but the four of them were in no way bound by blood, so they were neither loving nor attached to each other except by familial interest.

The "tigers" in the Hua family had grown up, so she was afraid of what could end up happening by the time the need to split up the family properties arose. There was no way to tell, but surely it could even get bloody.

Because of her fear, she realized that only by marrying Terence would she be able to secure and get her hands on a place to stay that was as big as the Ans properties and spend the remainder of her life in safety.

Therefore, she couldn't bear to lose him! Not to anyone else!

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