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   Chapter 111 Be My Secret Lover

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Terence let Bonnie leave deliberately, because he didn't want her to be there at that moment. Otherwise, she would have sensed the close relationship that Terence and Carla shared between each other. And in the future she might seek revenge upon Carla.

Terence wasn't concerned about getting into trouble. He was worried for Carla, not wanting her to be in any danger.

After he carefully and thoroughly wiped the chili oil from Carla's hand, he raised his head to look at Carla's face.

There was a red cross drawn across Carla's flushed cheek. Terence smiled inwardly as he studied her face. She looked so sweet with her furrowed brows and flushed cheeks. And the red lipstick mark only made her look even more adorable. In Terence's eyes, she was lovely no matter what.

"Carla, now I am beginning to think that the chili is very becoming on you..."

Terence said affectionately. Carla reminded him of a little red hot chili pepper at the moment. She was indignant and so her face became red.

Carla looked up at him with sincerity in her eyes. She was surprised to see that Terence had stepped in and openly took action to care about her after tactfully asking his friends to take his fiancee away, which was a clever thing to do.

He wisely managed to avoid an ugly situation between Bonnie and Carla. Otherwise, Bonnie would never have let Carla off easily.

What was worse, if it had escalated then Terence would really have been in a dilemma.

Besides, Bonnie was after all his fiancee, so if he defended Carla in front of Bonnie, then people would make unkind remarks and accuse him of being a playboy.

However, the situation was different now.

Since Bonnie was no longer there, no matter what happened between them she wouldn't be a witness to it.

When Terence released Carla's hand, Carla remembered the lipstick mark on her face and was about to reach up to wipe it off.

"You won't be able to wipe it off. Your skin will just get irritated if you try to wipe it. I've figured out an easier way to remove it,"

Terence said in a low voice grasping Carla's hand before she raised it to her face.

"He's right! Carla, I have the makeup remover. You can use it to wipe the lipstick from your face. It's very useful."

Mrs. Xu took the bottle of makeup remover from her bag and held it out to Carla.

But before Carla got the chance to take it, Terence took it from Mrs. Xu first.

"Thank you."

Terence then took Carla's hand and led her to the bathroom.

After they had left

the people sitting at the tables nearby looked at each other with confused expressions on their faces.

It took them a while to absorb what had just happened and what was going on.

"Wow! Mr. Terence is very considerate and polite," Mrs. Xu said happily, feeling proud of herself for being wise just now.

After what unfolded in front of them, it was obvious that Bonnie was only Terence's fiancee nominally. Even though Bo

sack of potatoes into the room. He then dropped her unceremoniously onto the soft king-sized bed.

"Carla, you like to play hard to get. Well, that's okay. I love that too."

When Carla noticed that Terence was about to come down on top of her, she quickly rolled over and moved to one side of the bed. Through gritted teeth she said, "Terence, you're really thick skinned! You are cheating on your fiancee and have brought another woman to a hotel room with you. How dare you be so shameless! You even expect me to do the dirty with you!"

Carla glared angrily at him. But Terence wasn't annoyed at all. He simply lay on his side with his head resting on his hand and he stared at her with a cheeky grin.

"Are you saying that you want to be my secret lover? If you make love to me, Carla, and I die on the spot from exhaustion after that. It would all be worth it..."

Upon hearing Terence's rude remarks, Carla cast him a sidelong glance. She chose to ignore what he said and changed the subject. "By the way, remember the ring I asked you to investigate for me? How's it going? Have you found anything out yet?"

It had been a while since she had given Terence the ring.

She wasn't anxious about it. But she was curious to find out why her parents insisted on keeping such a valuable ring, when they could have pawned it off to get some money to pay off the expenses for medicine.

She wondered why the ring was so important.

"I have received some clues, but we still have to wait a bit longer to get more information.

I will tell you all about it as soon as I get all of the information together,"

Terence replied with a sparkle in his beautiful eyes. At that moment he gave her a big smile.

Thinking of the possible truth, he felt very pleased within himself.

But until he found out all of the details and put everything into place, he would have to hold back the excitement that he felt in his heart and keep a calm composure at all times.

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