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   Chapter 108 Carla VS Bonnie

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10055

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Upon hearing Bonnie, Terence turned around to look at her.

"Terence!" Bonnie strode towards him, took his hand and leaned against his shoulder sweetly.

"Wow, Bonnie. Terence cares so much about you. You were only gone for a few minutes to the ladies room and here he is looking for you already," Ivy uttered deliberately, with an envious look in her eyes.

When Terence looked in Bonnie's direction, he also caught sight of a familiar person standing behind her.

Carla stayed in that spot with her back turned to Bonnie the whole time, because she instinctively turned around the moment she saw her come out.

When she heard Bonnie call out Terence's name, she was stunned and froze. She stood rooted to the spot and didn't turn around even though she was about to go back to her table.

She had no idea whether Terence saw her or not.

After a short time, she couldn't hear them talking, so she turned slowly around, relieved to find that there was no one there anymore.

Carla didn't want to run into Terence, because she would feel embarrassed if she did. After all, Terence and his fiancee had just returned from a vacation together and they must be so in love. Carla didn't know whether she should greet him or not at that moment. She was caught off guard.

When Carla returned to her seat. She found that the table where Terence was sitting at with his friends was diagonally opposite her across the aisle.

But since his table was a bit of a distance away from hers and she also sat by the window, it was difficult to see him easily from her position.

Carla hoped that they could just have their meal in peace without any dramas.

However, she noticed that the four mothers that she was sitting with were behaving strangely and kept casting odd glances at her.

"Mrs. Jiang, I heard someone call out 'Mr. Terence'. Do you think that he may be here at the restaurant? Huh?"

said Mrs. Xu in a low voice, who was sitting next to her.

Mrs. Jiang had also heard his name being called out. After secretly searching for the engagement photos of Terence and Bonnie, which were taken a few days ago, she leaned to one side and compared Terence with the man in the photos on the sly.

"He seems to be, the Terence."

Even though they spoke in a hushed tone, Carla was still able to hear them as they were sitting close to her at the same table.

The four of the women agreed that it was Terence. But it was difficult for them to see him clearly, and now that he was there in the flesh, they couldn't help themselves but constantly turn to glance at him.

"Terence, those women at that table keep looking at you,"

Theo said jokingly after he took a sip of his wine and pointed at the table where Carla was sitting.

Both curious, Bonnie and Ivy looked in the direction he was pointing at. Ivy laughed and spoke in a mocking tone, "Terence, it seems that you are so charming that not only young girls but even middle-aged women are attracted to you."

sed her arms defiantly.

"I refuse to accept your apology! You will have to pay the original cost for all of my things that have been damaged from falling onto the floor," Bonnie said arrogantly raising her chin and looking down her nose at Carla.

Bonnie saw her cellphone on the floor and picked it up. She turned the calculator function on and started to calculate the cost of her things.

"Miss, it's common courtesy to say 'sorry' to others. But by saying that, it doesn't mean that I am admitting that it was my fault. It wasn't my fault that you bumped into me and your things fell out onto the floor. Why are you asking me to pay you compensation?"

Carla retorted when she saw that Bonnie had calculated the price of her items and it had racked up to ten thousand dollars.

Ivy who had seen the whole thing strutted over to Carla and rudely pushed her. She was still annoyed with Theo for admiring her beauty earlier and finally got the chance to take it out on her.

She certainly wasn't going to miss out on the opportunity to take this girl down.

"What are you saying? How can you be so rude and impolite after you knocked into her?"

Ivy said in an angry tone as she poked her pointy finger into Carla's shoulder. Then she turned to Bonnie. "Bonnie, how can you be so kind and reasonable to her? It's not enough for her to just pay the amount she owes you for the damage.

You shouldn't let her get off so easily!"

Bonnie looked at her and wondered what Ivy had in mind.

Right then, Ivy picked up the broken lipstick from the floor and pushed it into Bonnie's hand. "Use this lipstick to scribble on her face. Do you see how she rudely glares at us?

After all, she would probably be too poor to pay you the money anyway. It is a good way to punish her. We would even be showing her mercy for what she did to you!"

When Bonnie heard Ivy's idea, her mouth twisted into a cruel and wicked grin. She held the lipstick tightly in her hand and walked up to Carla.

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