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   Chapter 107 A Chance Encounter

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Carla didn't contribute much to the conversation. The main reason was that there weren't many topics to talk about that she had in common with them. The only subject left for them was children's education.

She had to play the role of Sean's mother, as their real mother had passed away. So Carla was left to do that job and

Sean's education was something she couldn't ignore.

Thus, this became the shared topic between her and the middle-aged women.

The waiter looked at the booking number of Mrs. Jiang and led them to a large table where they could all be seated. The restaurant didn't have a separate VIP private room.

The motto of the restaurant was that all of their guests were VIPs and they didn't differentiate between the classes.

The restaurant was large so there were plenty of seats for choice. The food catered for events like birthday parties, couples or large friend gatherings, and so on.

Guests were all well educated and cultured. Rackets were very rarely seen and people were courteous and spoke in low voices.

Mrs. Jiang had been considerate. She was aware that some people may not enjoy western cuisine and so ordered Chinese food instead. She did a little research before they had arrived at the restaurant and took the liberty of ordering the most delicious and popular food. Virtually all the most recommended meals was ordered from the menu.

Since they were all from BH City and they knew their preference for food from that area, their table manners weren't full of etiquette and they ate heartedly.

"Wow, Mrs. Jiang, the bill amount won't be small,"

said Mrs. Xu, the mother of a girl student who sat at their table. She took the bill and calculated the amount roughly.

Mrs. Jiang laughed and replied, "It's okay. It's a rare opportunity for us all to get together like this. Just eat whatever you like and don't worry about the cost."

"Next time we will treat you, Mrs. Jiang, okay?" Seth's mother said.

Carla stayed quiet most of the time. But she did notice the change in their behavior towards her. They eyed her differently now. Their attitude to her was in total contrast from when they were on the bus.

But she didn't care. They could think about whatever they wanted.

She couldn't explain nor would she either.

At that moment, two couples came out of th

void water splashing on her expensive dress.

She then went back to look at herself in the mirror and applied some more lipstick on her lips. Pressing her lips together to even out the color.

Carla saw Bonnie's pretty face in the mirror and her eyes widened. She soon lowered her head and drew a piece of tissue paper from the box to dry her hands and left the bathroom.

She recognized Bonnie. Pictures of her and Terence were everywhere in the news and on magazines.

After Carla had left, Ivy finished fixing her makeup. She linked her arm through Bonnie's and they walked out of the bathroom together. As they walked she said, "Bonnie, you see, wealth makes the difference between women.

The woman we just saw now is attractive. But she is a poor person. The clothes on her can't be worth more than three hundred dollars. And she still had the nerve to come to a place like this—"

Bonnie's lips that were in the most popular lipstick shade curved down slightly with loathing.

"It requires skill. You must carefully choose with whom you have children. It's not just by coincidence that we were born into such wealth."

They continued to chat and as they went back to join Terence and Theo.

Everything they had said in the bathroom was overheard by Carla. She was standing by the window outside of the bathroom to have some fresh air before she went back to her table.

And the words they said on their way was also heard by Carla.


Bonnie saw Terence come out of the men's room and she called him gently in hast.

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