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   Chapter 106 He And Another Woman

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Although it was Sean and Carla's second visit to JA City, they were still astonished by the splendid and grand scenery here.

People on the bus effortlessly diverted their topic of discussion to the great scenery in JA City.

The bus arrived by the apartments soon enough.

The school had arranged nice apartments for each family. And every apartment contained two bedrooms so that the parents and the children could have some good rest. In addition to it, a kitchen and a bathroom were also part of each apartment. It was said that the students were going to be picked up by the school bus every day.

Every parent was satisfied with the arrangements. The services were so considerate. It must be a great school.

It was their first night after arriving here. The children went to bed early while almost all of the parents ended up staying up late.

They needed time to get used to a strange place as this.

Sean was pretty clever. He knew that Carla would teach him a lesson once they arrived. Hence, he began pretending to be asleep long before they arrived.

As soon as they got inside their apartment, Sean rushed to his bed regardless of however loudly Carla was calling him.

He pretended to be asleep so that Carla could do nothing to him though she had prepared to teach him a good lesson after having arrived.

Carla felt complicated and tensed after she returned to JA City, yet again.

After realizing that she could hardly fall asleep now, she cleaned every corner of the bathroom, as well as the kitchen so that she could use them up-front tomorrow.

Everything was available here. The TV, fridge, air conditioner and even the daily necessities in the kitchen. There were also some commodities that were left by the last family who lived here. Therefore, she didn't really need to buy anything else for now.

After cleaning everything up, Carla took note of the time. It was already past one in the morning.

Exhausted, she threw herself onto the bed with her thoughts wandering back to the wilderness.

She kept recalling what happened on the bus today and what Terence had said on the phone.

She couldn't resist overthinking about it despite her genuine efforts to divert her own attention.

Terence and the daughter of the Hua family had gone abroad for a tour?

As a couple who just got engaged and went abroad to have a vacation together, they must be enjoying their sweet love now, wasn't it?

How many men in the world can resist that temptation? Even though he had been so considerate to her before she cut him off clearly, would he refuse another woman's tenderness now?

Besides, Carla realized that she wasn't so affectionate or tender to him. And she didn't know how to please a man.

The more she reflected, the worse she thought of herself.

She remembered that Terence once said that he couldn't bear it for too long. Now, there was a gorgeous woman by his side. Would he refuse such a beautiful

tionship. Hence, she wanted to make up for it today. That was why she kept asking Carla to join them.

Realizing Mrs. Jiang wasn't going to give up, Carla finally agreed.

She went downstairs after she got changed.

Just as she had expected, the car that Mrs. Jiang had rented was waiting there.

After Carla got into the car, Mrs. Jiang fired the ignition of the car. Their destination was a street named AX Street, which was the hottest street in JA City.

"I have searched on the Internet earlier. This restaurant is very famous. It has got both Chinese food and western food. And their chefs are all well renowned. I have already booked a table. Let's have some fun today!"

Mrs. Jiang said with a smile as she picked up her phone and checked the order number.

It was almost noon. Time for lunch.

Carla was a little upset and alienated among these middle-aged women since she was still young.

Actually these women looked pretty fashionable and were all good at talking. One could barely tell they already had children. The enthusiastic women took Carla around and just wouldn't shut up no matter what.

"This way. Let's go find out if it is as tasty as Mrs. Jiang claims. After all, we can split the bill. It won't cost too much since we have got many people for the bill. What do you think?"

a parent asked with a tender smile, looking at the rest of them.

"Well, I chose this restaurant. So it's my treat today. Enjoy the lunch. We can split the bill next time, alright?"

Mrs. Jiang advised. She had offended Carla so badly on the bus yesterday. It was a good chance for her to make it up discreetly.

"Sure. After all, Mrs. Jiang is rich and the bill amount will not be a matter of worry for her, right?" a parent teased with a bigger smile and patted Mrs. Jiang on her shoulder.

Mrs. Jiang lifted the corners of her lips as well in a beam and followed them into the elevator. The restaurant was located at the top of the building.

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