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   Chapter 105 I Want To Prove It To Everyone! (Part Two)

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Carla was shouting and pointing her finger at Sean in absolute desperation. This just infuriated Sean further and he yelled back at her, "No! I am telling the truth! He is my brother-in-law! Terence An is my brother-in-law. I am telling the truth!"

Sean was screaming so loudly that his high pitched voice bore into everyone's brain. He wanted to smack the smirks off everyone's face that was making fun of him.

The scream was deafening and so ear piercing that it nearly made your ears bleed.

Sean wouldn't give the phone back to Carla. He held onto it as if his life depended on it. Instead, he screamed even louder and glared back at Carla with a defiant look.

Terence felt partly to blame as he might have encouraged Sean, so he decided to step in, "

g an affair with her, nothing serious.

Because nobody would believe that golden boy Terence An would marry a commoner like Carla. She felt that she was pathetic and hateful and wouldn't dream of destroying someone else's marriage. She didn't live in fairy tales. It was just impossible between them.

For the rest of the long and tedious journey, Carla and Terence became everyone's topic of conversation. The endless drive didn't seem all that bad to the others. But, to Carla, it was a living nightmare. All they did was talk, talk, talk and never shut up. All day and all night, even while they slept.

They were mumbling about her in their dreams, snoring and drooling.

Then finally, after the prolonged torturous journey, they had arrived at JA City.

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