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   Chapter 104 I Want To Prove It To Everyone! (Part One)

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Carla watched Sean and sighed feeling dejected. Sean had snatched the phone from her and he had never acted in such a way before. Carla didn't know what to do.

She breathed in deeply to try and calm her nerves. Carla was at a loss on how to handle her ten-year-old brother. Soon he would be entering the teenage years which would be even harder because he was already starting to defy her. Even though she had practically raised him by herself. He was as stubborn as a mule.

Carla wondered who Sean had taken after to be so mulish. Because, neither her mom nor dad were ever like that.

Carla could feel her heart beating fast in her chest when she saw Sean dialing the numbers. She felt nervous and her palms were sweating. She could recite Terence's number even in a dream, but she didn't know that Sean could as well. Carla didn't know that Terence and Sean were that close.

'My gosh, what a terrible sister I have been, ' thought Carla. At that moment she had realized that Terence had also won over her only family member. And that Sean must be suffering the severance from Terence just as much as she was.

Carla's heart sank. She had always put Sean first. Whenever there was a choice between her wishes and Sean's, she would always choose what would be in the best interest for him. Sean was still a little boy. He didn't have two loving parents to look after him. She had to try and fill that gap and be a mother and a father to him. He had no one else in his life except for her.

But when Terence came into their lives, he had been a positive role model for Sean. Filling the father-like figure that was void in his life of which Carla couldn't. He had obviously become very attached to Terence and that was why he liked him so much.

It was inevitable that Sean would become close to Terence.

The phone didn't ring long, but to Carla, it felt like every second it had rung was equivalent to an hour. A few seconds later, Terence picked up.

Sean had already put the speaker on before he dialed. So every sticky beak in the bus could hear the conversation. They had all become even more curious than the first time when they had called Rhys by mistake.

Once again, they leaned forward in their seats, eager to hang on every word said. It was a combination of human weakness and the need to fish out more gossip where ever possible. So they coul

. He had to admit that it felt good to be needed by this little boy.

"Of course, I promise! How could I say no to my little Sean? I'm going to take you to the best amusement park and I'm going to take you to anywhere else you want. How about this? When you settle in, you can write down all the places that you wish to go to and then we can go to them together and cross them off your list one by one. Won't that be great?"

Hearing what Terence had said, tears ran down Sean's little cheeks like a river. He felt like a lost child that had finally been reunited with his parent. Terence's words encouraged Sean and he wiped his tears away and raised his head proudly.

"Terence, can I ask you one more thing? I want to tell my friends that you are my brother-in-law. Can I tell them that?"

Carla froze as she felt like she had just been hit by a bus at full speed. 'Oh— Please no! Please no! Please no! Where did that come from?' Carla screamed in her head. She sat up like a deer caught in the headlights. Everyone around her felt the same. They stared wide-eyed at Carla in shock. She was so embarrassed she wanted to die. Terence would think that she had manipulated Sean to get back at him. What would everyone else say if Terence said no?

Carla couldn't stand it anymore. She burst out and yelled at Sean, "Sean, stop it! What are you doing?"

Carla quickly sprang up out of her seat and rushed over to Sean, trying to snatch the cell phone back from him. "Damn it, Sean Ji! Give it to me! Give me the phone! You little monster! Hand it over or I will kill you!"

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