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   Chapter 103 Make The Phone Call In Front Of Everyone

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9915

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Carla felt helpless as it seemed that everyone was against her. The people on the bus wouldn't stop and Sean wouldn't give up. She rubbed her eyebrows and gave him a warning glance. However, Sean was so hyped up that he didn't even notice.

Carla was losing her patience with Sean. She couldn't do anything about the way the other people were treating her, but this was her brother. Sean was just inviting more trouble to her.

She had totally cut off from Terence.

What would it look like if Sean called him out of the blue all of a sudden? Thinking about that, Carla could just sigh silently under her breath.

"Great! Look Jeremy, Sean is a man of his own word after all!" Mrs. Jiang commented something seemingly nice although she was still mocking. She was about to make the call and then she stopped for a moment.

"I'll make the phone call then. Is everyone okay with it?" she asked again as she looked around at everyone on the bus.

Her eyes finally landed on Carla, who had been silent the whole time. All of the passengers on the bus were eager and excited for her to call. Looking forward to seeing how it was all going to unfold. Everyone that was, except for Carla.

"Carla, has the cat got your tongue? Why don't you answer me? It seems as if I'm bullying a kid. Do you dare to let me make the call or not?" Mrs. Jiang added with sarcasm in her voice.

Carla rubbed her eyes lightly and frowned. She looked up at Mrs. Jiang, who was holding the phone taunting her with it.

"Fine! Just make the call," Carla replied firmly.

If she didn't agree to it, then Sean would lose face in front of everyone. She couldn't let that happen.

After all, Sean was all she had. If he felt sad, then Carla would be upset as well.

It shouldn't matter if Sean answered the call anyway. He was still a kid, so Terence might not think too much about it.

"Okay! Great! Here we go." Mrs. Jiang gave Carla a thumbs up gesture and dialed the number out quickly.

She then passed the phone to Sean in time before anyone had answered the call.

There was a nervous tension on the bus. Everyone was silent. All that could be heard was the dull hum of the coach motor and the dial tone of the phone. No one dared to make a sound in fear of missing a detail.

After several rings, the call was finally answered. The people on the bus stretched their necks out and pricked their ears up to hear better, even though the call was already on speaker.

"Terence! It's me, Sean!"

Sean got excited with his little heart racing inside his chest once he heard that the call got through.

"Sean? Which Sean?" The man on the line seemed to be confused. The air grew thick with anticipation.

The excited smile on Sean's face froze and his heart sank, when he realized that it wasn't Terence's voice on the line.

"Mrs. Jiang, this isn't Terence. It must be a wrong number," Sean said with doubt in his eyes.

"Not a chance!" Mrs. Jiang barked at on

ut on a whim. She spoke in a low tone so only Sean could hear, though she really felt like teaching him a lesson with her fists.

But it was all in vain. Sean was not going to give up that easily.

"No way! Terence will definitely pick up the phone when he sees that it's your number. What's more, what chance is there that his fiancee happens to pick up his phone for him,"

Sean pleaded with his sister shaking her arm.

Carla was left speechless.

The desire to teach her brother a lesson with her fists grew stronger with each passing moment. She was so vexed with him at the moment.

"Forget it! I have already deleted his number!" Carla replied, raising her voice slightly.

"That's okay. I don't need his number. I know it off by heart,"

he said as he reached out expecting Carla to put the phone in his hand.

Carla gaped at Sean's insistence. He had overstepped the bounds of acceptable behavior. She had never expected that Sean could be so stubborn.

Carla had daggers in her eyes. She was trying to teach Sean the proper way to act and he was going against her.

All of a sudden a voice interrupted them.

"Sean, here you are. You can use my phone to call Terence. But put it on speaker when you do, okay?"

It was the parent of a girl, who was sitting in front of the bus. She smiled as she offered him her phone. This woman had just added fuel to the fire. Carla was beside herself.

Looking around, she realized that the people on the bus had all been listening to her conversation with Sean.

In other words, her conversation with Sean was not a secret on the bus at all.

Sean shot Carla a defiant look as he grabbed the woman's phone out of her hand. He knew Carla would try to stop him, so he darted forward with the phone still in his hand before Carla could reach him.

"Thank you!"

Sean moved away from Carla to another seat on the other end of the bus, so she couldn't distract him. Then he began to dial the number.

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