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   Chapter 102 Entertainment On The Way

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Carey was already waiting for them outside.

He was familiar with BH City so he picked the quickest route to Sean's school. They were lucky that they had a good run with the traffic lights.

And that Sean's school wasn't far away from their home. So when they did arrive at the gate of the school, they were right on time.

When Carla saw the bus still parked at the curb, she breathed a big sigh of relief.

Sean was pleased as well.

Everyone was already on the bus ready to go except for Carla and Sean.

The two teachers that would accompany them to JA City were waiting outside of the bus for Sean and Carla. They helped Carla put their suit cases in the luggage compartment and then they all boarded the bus.

Once everyone was settled and took their seats. The bus set off.

"Sean, you are so late. We were all waiting for you!"

It was a boy named Jeremy who was sitting in front of them. He turned around to grumble to Sean.

Jeremy was from a wealthy family. His grades were only average but his family managed to arrange for him to go on this trip.

Only the top students were supposed to go on this tour since they were traveling to JA City's best school to further advance their studies.

Unlike Jeremy, Sean had actually earned his spot for this tour. He studied very hard and the results showed. He was also very good at sports. Sean was always polite and thoughtful, all of the teachers at his school liked him.

Since Sean knew that he was one of the select few to be chosen to take this tour, instead of buying his spot he felt proud of himself and just ignored Jeremy and didn't say anything.

"All right, that's enough Jeremy. Just stop it.

He is Terence An's brother-in-law. Not someone we can afford to provoke," Jeremy's mother, Mrs. Jiang, said with a tone of sarcasm in her voice. She didn't like the poor, like Carla and Sean.

People on the bus heard what she had said and burst into laughter.

Even the teacher who was sitting in the front shook his head and laughed. He did like Sean because he was a smart student, but he also thought that Sean was too stubborn.

Sean had been going around claiming that he was Terence An's brother-in-law even though Terence was already engaged to another woman.

Carla lowered her head feeling hurt and embarrassed after hearing the laughter. She was getting used to being the laughing stock of the city these days. Since everyone had heard of

and if you dare to answer it and Terence acknowledges that he knows you in any way, then you win, okay?"

Waving the cellphone in the air, Mrs. Jiang added with a cruel smile, while looking at the other parents on the bus, "After all, we've got plenty of time before we arrive in JA City. Why don't we entertain ourselves a little? Also, it will prove whether Sean was telling lies in school or not. So, will you do it?"

"Yeah, right. That's a good idea. Mrs. Jiang, you are such a capable person since you can get Terence An's number. I'm afraid only you could have those sort of connections to be able to do that. None of us in the school would be able to do that. Am I right?" another parent said flattering Mrs. Jiang.

"Yeah! You are so capable!"

the rest of the parents echoed with a smile as well.

The teacher who was sitting in the front of the bus turned around and glanced at Carla, who was sitting silently with her head down. He cleared his throat and said, "All right. Forget it. Let's have some rest since it's still early in the morning."

He felt bad for Carla and was trying to get them all off her back.

After all, if they did call Terence An and he didn't remember her, then she would definitely be the joke on the bus. All the way up to JA City and all the way back to BH City and everyone was already giving her a hard time.

As a teacher, he felt that it was his responsibility to maintain peace and harmony and avoid embarrassment.

"Fine! Make the call and I'll take it!"

Sean stood up suddenly as he couldn't stand it any longer. His voice was so loud that it startled everyone on the bus.

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