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   Chapter 100 The ‘Royal Prince’

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9604

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Carla rushed to Terence angrily as soon as she got out of the shower as she had gone mad the moment she saw herself in the mirror.

"Terence! Look what you have done to my neck!" Carla couldn't avoid yelling at Terence, who was sleeping peacefully on her bed at the moment.

He woke up immediately due to her yelling and rubbed his drowsy eyes.

"Sorry, I may have overdone it a bit," Terence replied in a hoarse voice apologetically and tried to open his heavy eyes with great difficulty.

He desired her so much that he even wanted to eat her alive. Now there was only one hickey left on her neck. He was careful enough to not leave behind any mark while kissing her. Apparently, he didn't feel so sorry about that. Instead, he was pretty satisfied with what he had done.


Carla was spewing with fury at him after hearing his explanation. She approached Terence and prepared to take it out on him. It was so hot out there. What could she wear to go to work by hiding this mark? A high-collar shirt? It was way too hot!

Besides, the hickey he left on her neck was so dark and obvious that anyone would notice it at the first sight.

Terence held her by the hand and pulled her into his arms as he constrained her between him and the bed. Then he added, "What can I do to make it up now? Do you want to leave one on me as well?"

He stretched his neck towards her as though he were offering her an opportunity for revenge.

Obviously, Carla wouldn't agree to his suggestion. She only took it out on him by scratching him twice.

"Terence, can you stop visiting me from time to time? And don't be so intimate to me without asking my permission. Am I understood?" With eyes widely open and glaring at him, Carla was visibly angry at the moment.

But she knew that it was useless to argue with him. What she needed to do was to solve it once and for all.

In the meantime, Terence was not displeased with her protest at all. Gently looking at her, he turned his body sideways, with one hand supporting his head. It seemed that his Carla was just like a rose filled with thorns. It was easy for him to get pricked but the fragrance was mesmerizing.

"I'm made to feel as if I'm your pet. And whenever you are delighted, you'll come to me and amuse yourself. You have never given any consideration or importance to my feelings and emotions! I'm a person. And I have got my own life, its problems and so on. Will you stop behaving as if I owe you happiness in life?"

Saying that angrily, Carla pushed him away and got off the bed.

"It's just a hickey, Carla. Don't be so mad. It will fade away soon. Besides, you can cover it with make-up."

Terence stepped forward and embraced her in his arms as he kissed her on her forehead.

However, he hadn't realized that the problem was not the hickey. Hickey was merely the tip

ether forever.

"Who is this celebrity? Is he a film star? Why is there so much fervour for his engagement on my phone? But I have to say that he is really handsome. I like his eyes, so deep and graceful. And his lips are so good-looking."

"Come on. He is not some film star. He is the 'royal prince' of JA City!"

"'Royal prince'? What do you mean?"

"His grandfather on his mother's side was the mayor of JA City. His grandfather on his father's side was the former military chief. And his father is the most successful businessman in JA City. Now you realize why he is dubbed as the 'royal prince' of JA City, huh?"

"Really? Oh, my gosh! Then his fiancee must be rich and noble as well, right?"

"Of course. She is the only daughter of the Hua family. It's said that her grandfather on her mother's side was a secretary of some Municipal Party Committee. Not to mention that the Hua family is rich enough to be a suitable match to the An family."

Carla covered her ears with her palm as the random talks in the office about him made her lose her calmness. She couldn't bear any more of it. She was remorseful and regretful at the moment.

In spite of trying hard to devote all her attention and focus into her work, the problem was that she could never pay any attention to it. She was visibly distracted. She could think of nothing but him. Moreover, by every passing second, the regret just got worse. Eventually, she asked for two days off to take some rest at home.

Her manager permitted directly as she seldom asked for a leave. She was a dedicated employee of the company and the manager was fond of her.

After Carla got back home, she threw her cellphone to the table and disconnected the cable for the Internet as she got onto her bed and buried herself in the quilt. She badly wanted to cut herself off from the rest of the world which was seemingly enjoying Terence's engagement.

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