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   Chapter 99 Terence The Lothario

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Changdu Characters: 10521

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Sherry touched her pale face with a slight grimace. "I'm going to the bathroom."

Carla watched Sherry leave and sensed that something was wrong judging by the look on her face. She glanced at Noah who was casually pouring a cup of water for her brother and passed it to him.

"Mr. Noah, what's wrong with Sherry? Did you two argue?"

The waiter carrying two plates of food approached and placed them on the table.

"You don't need to call me Mr. Noah. Just call me Noah. My full name is Noah Hua. But my friends just call me Noah," he said quietly.

Carla was startled for a brief second. She thought that he would never tell her the truth.

"I'm sorry. But I don't usually like to tell people my full name when I just meet them because I don't want any unnecessary trouble. But we are friends now. If I didn't tell you my full name now, then it would appear that I was an insincere person."

Noah smiled amiably and pushed the plate of food on the table closer to Sean.

Sean was so hungry, and his mind was only on the food in front of him. He wasn't paying much attention to their conversation. He picked up the chopsticks and began devouring the food.

"You don't need to explain. I fully understand. It's very acceptable for people of your social status to feel that way," Carla said with a smile. She didn't expect that he would be so candid with her.

A long time had passed when Sherry had finally returned.

She sat at the table with her eyes downcast.

Sherry was feeling frustrated. She went to the bathroom to save herself from creating an embarrassing scene. She had barely entered the bathroom when she burst into tears. It took her a while to finally calm down and although she put a thick layer of face powder on, it was still obvious that she had been crying.

Sherry became quiet and focused on eating, barely saying a word.

After dinner, Carla suggested that Noah and Sherry go together, while she and her brother catch a taxi home.

However, Noah insisted on taking them all home himself. Carla and Sean first and then dropping Sherry off on his way back to the hotel.

Carla didn't refuse since it was safer to have so many people together.

When Noah had dropped Carla and Sean off, he turned to Sherry and asked, "Where do you want to go?"

Sherry shifted uncomfortably in the front passenger seat.

She kept her gaze straight ahead and said stiffly, "Go to the hotel."

Noah paused while looking at her for a moment and then turned the car into the direction of the hotel.

In the luxury suite of the hotel.

Sherry had a shower and then slipped into some sexy lingerie and covered herself with a bathrobe.

She was bitterly upset at the restaurant when she found out that Noah would never be hers. Since then she had thought it over and decided if she couldn't have this man, then she would sleep with him once. That way, she could at least say that he was hers, even if it was for only one night.

Besides that, if she couldn't get him then Carla couldn't dream of having him either.

Noah had left Sherry at the hotel while he went to handle some business

told you to keep away from Noah. Why did you go out with him today?"

Carla's frown deepened and she stared directly into his beautiful dark eyes.

"You followed me again? "

Terence breathed in deeply and was silent for a moment. "I am protecting you. The situation has become complicated lately. I had to look out for your safety."

Carla didn't say anything more. She lay silently as she put her hands on her breast to guard them against Terence.

"What are you doing? Do they feel good?" Terence was amused by her gesture to defend herself against his wandering hand and he said it to mock her.

He rolled to the side of the bed and supported his head with his hand. Terence gazed at her with his bedroom eyes and wondered what she did when she was all alone in the dark in her bed—

Carla took the opportunity to immediately grab the quilt and pull it up to cover herself.

"Why did you come back again? Are they handing out free airfare tickets?"

She was well aware of how far apart JA City and BH City were. It took about four to five hours by plane. And coming to BH City and then going back again would take almost ten hours. Why would Terence want to do that?

"Because you are here,"

he simply replied in just four little words. He pulled her onto him and held her tightly in his arms while planting tender little kisses on her cheeks. "You smell of perspiration. Go take a shower," he said releasing her from his grip.

Carla gaped speechlessly at his comment.

'I smell, but you still keep kissing me.

I thought you might give me a shower of kisses and I wouldn't need to have a shower myself.

"I was coming here to get my clothes to have a shower. But you haven't let me go ever since I came in here," Carla muttered as she went to the wardrobe to get her pajamas.

'How could I possibly not be stinky after running around after Sean all day in the burning hot sun?'

She glanced at Terence before she left the room. He was lying leisurely on her bed watching her. Then he casually said, "Carla, wash thoroughly. Or you will taste salty."

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