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   Chapter 98 Go Meet Me At The Hotel Tonight (Part Two)

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Upon hearing Noah express his opinion, Sherry was immediately flushed. She lowered her head and tightly held onto his shirt feeling so embarrassed that she wished the earth would just swallow her up right then and there and get it over with.

"Noah, I know that was so thoughtless of me. But you just won't look at me no matter what I do. I couldn't think of any other way to grab your attention aside from..."

Sherry abruptly stopped talking, but what she was trying to express was clear as day. It was a smart decision for her to directly admit her mistakes after getting exposed. It, at the very least, made her look upstanding since she made no attempts to deny it.

Noah handed the menu over to her and said, "Have a look at the menu and see what else you would like to have for dinner. I'll ask them to cook these dishes first. When Carla and Sean get back from the restroom, they can just add some dishes later."

Sherry was visibly feeling distressed as she shot him a glance and said in a sulky voice, "You seem to be only concerned when it comes to Carla. I noticed how your eyes had been glued to her the whole time. But you never once looked at me even though I was the one standing right next to you."

Noah's hand was frozen for a moment when he was about to grab his cup of tea. Then he turned and looked toward the corridor and checked to see if Carla and Sean had gone back yet.

"It's good that you're aware of it. I'm glad to hear that,"

Noah flat out replied without trying to evade her question. Carefully picking up his t

ger to expose her.

And he probably wouldn't have said anything at all if she hadn't taken things too far today. Specifically speaking, she had just gone so way out of line that it annoyed him to the point that he couldn't stand it anymore.

But even though he pointed all of that out straight up to her face, Noah still had the decency to let her keep some dignity, because, at any rate, he chose to made clear of that while the two of them were alone instead of embarrassing her in front of everyone else, which he could've done just as easily.

"What are you two talking about? Do you mind if we join in? Sherry, you don't look so good. Are you alright? Is everything okay here?"

Carla and Sean finally came back from the restroom after what felt like an eternity as Carla had really intended to give Sherry and Noah a chance to be intimate.

But the second she stepped into the booth, she noticed after just a single glance that Sherry was looking so pale and it appeared as if she really wasn't feeling well at the moment.

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