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   Chapter 97 Go Meet Me At The Hotel Tonight (Part One)

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"Carla! What happened? Are you alright?"

Sean worriedly asked, looking so concerned as he quickly turned back after hearing his sister screaming.

Carla suddenly grabbed Sean's hand to stop him from running away again.

"I'm fine now. But don't you ever dare run away from my sight again next time. You got that?"

Sean, as he was staring at her, quickly nodded his head and reassured her he wouldn't be doing it again.

Without even giving Sherry any response, Carla simply dragged Sean and exited the ghost house.

Watching all of that, Sherry and Noah also followed them soon after.

With her hand still keeping a tight grip on Noah's arm, Sherry suggested, "Noah, since it's still quite early. How about we go for a dinner? What do you say?"

When she asked Noah, she just meant the two of them going a dinner date by themselves, as she wasn't really able to get any opportunities to spend some alone time with him all day long.

"Sure. That's actually a great idea." Noah went ahead a little and asked, "Carla, Sean, it's getting a bit late now. Shall we have a nice dinner before heading home? I know of a nice place to eat just around the corner. I've been there once before when I went with a client. Why don't we just head straight there?"

Upon hearing what Noah just said, Carla turned back and glanced at the two persons who were walking right behind them. Then, she shifted her gaze toward Sean and caught him wilting. As it turned out, he was now feeling so famished after running around and playing the whole day.

"Then..." Carla was suddenly cut off before she could even give an answer.

"Oh, right! Carla, didn't you tell me earlier that you still had some matters to attend to this evening?"

Upon noticing that Carla was about to say yes to Noah, Sher

it busy checking the menu and choosing what to order at the moment.

Sherry's eyes were fully fixated on him, filled with so much love and deep admiration. Taking off a high heel, she sneakily "accidentally" touched his leg through his pants with her foot, wearing only silk stockings.

Feeling her touch, Noah couldn't help but frown. He reached his hand under the table and carefully grabbed her foot, which was still awkwardly rubbing against his leg.

"Sherry, it's better for women to have some decency and self-respect. Otherwise, men won't be able to treasure them if they don't start taking themselves seriously," Noah remarked in a faintly cold tone.

He surely had a lot of experience with women, no doubt about that. And he would always treat them well.

But he still laid down his own rules when it came to his sexual partners. First of all, he would never go for young girls. That would be the bottom line. There was no room for compromise. Secondly, not any woman who was under wedlock. He just had no interest in someone else's wife.

And last but not least, he needed to be fascinated by her as well. Needless to say, he wouldn't ever touch someone that he didn't like.

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